Analyzing the Business Benefits of Enterprise Data Management in the Industrial and Manufacturing Sector

Quantzig, premier analytics solutions provider, has announced the completion of its latest success story that sheds light on the business benefits of enterprise data management in the industrial and manufacturing sector.

Enterprise data management has been pushed to the forefront owing to the ever-growing need to enhance compliance, risk management, operating efficiencies, client relationships, and marketing initiatives across industries. Though most of these functions rely on accurate data sources, it is necessary to analyze each data source differently to meet the requirements of different functions. However, to succeed in establishing greater control over these factors, businesses need to inculcate the domain expertise and gain a deeper understanding of factors driving the enterprise data management strategy, the basic building blocks of the enterprise data management framework, and various other factors. This success story provides an overview of our enterprise data management capabilities and explains how it benefited an industrial and manufacturing company based out of the United States.

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“Inefficient data management strategies pose major challenges that can hinder cross-department communication and decision-making,” says a data analytics expert from Quantzig.

Enterprise Data Management: Outcomes, insights, and solutions offered:

The client approached Quantzig to help them build a centralized repository, integrated with a BI front-end to improve their data analysis efficiency. We adopted a three-pronged approach to help the client tackle their challenges:

Phase 1:

The initial phase revolved around drafting a business requirements document by conducting multiple meetings with key stakeholders to better understand their business objectives, scope, and timelines.

Phase 2:

The second phase involved a detailed analysis of the client’s SAP, Excel, and SQL data sets to create a technical architecture and specifications report.

Phase 3:

The final phase of this enterprise data management engagement revolved around offering suitable BI front-end recommendations based on the client’s reporting and analysis requirements.

Results Obtained:

  • Improved sales forecasting accuracy by 25%
  • Boosted inventory forecasting accuracy by 30%
  • Reduced IT support for BI through the use of interactive dashboards
  • Visualized data on a variety of graphs, charts, and tables
  • initiatives to measure engagement techniques and improved engagement activities
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