LINEEYE Introduces the New Portable Protocol Analyzer LE-8200 with Color Display, Run by Battery Power

LINEEYE Co., Ltd. introduces the new portable protocol analyzer LE-8200 with color display, run by battery power. The LE-8200 supports RS-232C/422/485, BSC, and HDLC, and has Monitor function, Simulation function and BERT function. With expansion kits, the LE-8200 can also measure SPI, I2C, IrDA CAN/LIN and FlexRay, and set any speed up to 4Mbps. The LE-8200 captures memory up to 100Mbyte to measure high speed and huge data. With 16Gbyte CF card, the LE-8200 monitor additional hours with timestamp and line information to solve the problems which only happen a few times.

The Feature of LE-8200

  • 5.7 inches, color TFT display makes you to set the configurations and analyze easily.
  • Supports I2C, SPI, IrDA, CAN, LIN, FlexRay by changing the expansion kits.
  • Transmits and receives any speed (50bps – 4Mbps) by setting any four effective digits.
  • Has 100Mbyte capture memory to measure high-speed data for long hours.
  • Continuously Records in the 16Gbyte CF card (option).
  • Has two kinds of timestamps. One ‘ s unit is date (day/hour/minute etc) and the others ‘ s is how many seconds are passed from the begging of measurement (min. 1s).
  • Has Logic Analyzer function (max. 40 sampling/s) and analog voltage measurement function.
  • B5 size (240x190x48mm), 1.1kg, battery drive.
  • RoHS certified.

About LINEEYE Co., Ltd.

LINEEYE Co., Ltd. was founded by electronic equipment development staff of the Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. with the financial support of the Sekisui Group. (Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.) This group had been developing and manufacturing electronic equipment since 1986. In July 2000 the electronic equipment business of Sekisui Electronic Co., Ltd. was transferred to LINEEYE Co., Ltd.