Pride Automation Announces Intuitive Machines as New Client

Pride Automation, Inc. (PAI) has announced that it will deliver its proprietary PRocedure Integrated Development Environment (PRIDE) software to Intuitive Machines. Intuitive Machines will use PRIDE to host their mission operations procedures for the IM-1 Moon mission and follow them on console from Nova-C Control. They also intend to host assembly procedures in PRIDE, and use them during spacecraft assembly and for all their future lunar missions.

“We are very happy to announce this partnership,” said Dr. Troy LeBlanc, Lunar Program Manager at Intuitive Machines. “We took a methodical approach to reviewing available procedure tools, and PRIDE’s ability to provide cost-effective procedural automation software, while sustaining the highest quality standard, made them the clear choice for our lunar missions.”

The PRIDE software is an integrated suite of tools for the development, deployment, and execution of standard operating checklist procedures. PRIDE is installed on-premise or in cloud infrastructure and is used by Fortune 500 companies with asset-rich, complex, and dangerous operations — all with a user-friendly interface complete with simplified single-click execution.

“We are happy to add Intuitive Machines to our growing number of customers in the commercial space sector,” said Dr. David Kortenkamp, Chief Technology Officer at PAI. “We are excited that PRIDE will be guiding Nova-C mission controllers every step of the way as they land NASA payloads on the lunar surface. Assembly and testing of spacecraft are among the most exacting and critical of operations. To ensure the highest probability of mission success, PRIDE will be guiding Nova-C technicians during this process as well.”

About Pride Automation

Pride Automation, Inc. (PAI), a wholly owned subsidiary of TRACLabs, Inc., was incorporated in 2013 to develop, sell, and support the PRIDE software, which simplifies procedure authoring, allows operators to execute procedures concurrently, and records results for analysis. PRIDE is used in applications where procedures are critical to the assembly, maintenance, and operation of complex, high-risk systems, e.g., spaceflight operations and aerospace manufacturing.

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About Intuitive Machines

Founded in 2013, Intuitive Machines was formed from practical experience in large complex space systems development. The people of Intuitive Machines blend deep technical knowledge with practices honed over 40 years of human spaceflight — practices in risk-based decision-making, redundancy management, fault tolerance and isolation, safety, reliability, maintainability, verification testing, and operations.