Analytics Insight Announces ‘The 10 Most Influential Women in Technology 2020’

Analytics Insight has named ‘The 10 Most Influential Women in Technology 2020’ in its August magazine issue. The issue is the second volume featuring Influential Women in Technology in 2020.

The issue recognises 10 trailblazing women shaping the world of technology with ground-breaking innovation powered by dynamic leadership. These influential women leaders have transformed their organisations to deliver breakthrough value with farsighted vision and commitment, setting a benchmark for the industry. Here are the outstanding leaders that made the list:

Featuring as the Cover Story is Denise Sangster, President and CEO, Global Touch, Inc. Denise started working in the early 1990s when there were a limited number of American women in the IT industry in North America. At Global Touch, Denise and her team look forward to innovating their approach leveraging tools and performance metrics to help their clients stay ahead of the rapidly changing market conditions.

This issue features Carrie Goetz, Janice Rae and Doina Popa as Executives of the Month.

Carrie, Principal and CTO of StrategITcom, personifies nearly 40 years of global experience designing, running and auditing, data centers, IT departments, and intelligent buildings. She is an international keynote speaker and has been published in 69 countries in over 250 publications. She holds an honorary doctorate in Mission Critical Operations and is a Master Infrastructure Mason.

Janice, Founder and CEO of TechTalent Academy, felt that the lack of diversity has plagued the tech industry for decades. Having realised that not much had changed since she learned to code in 1987, she decided to do something about it. Janice established TechTalent Academy which supports businesses to create diverse, highly skilled tech teams.

Doina is the Founder and CEO of InnoTrue. As an experienced leader, Doina has previously served as the CIO at Barclays, CTO at Capgemini and Senior Strategic Advisor at She is the first woman outside of the United States to achieve the highest level of Salesforce credentials- the Certified Technical Architect (CTA).

This issue further includes-

Shannon J. Gregg: Shannon is the President of Cloud Adoption Solutions, a sales process and consulting practice. Her popular book, “It’s About Time” is being used by sales teams across the country to refocus on what is really important to drive revenue and results.

Devi Sohanta: Devi is the Founder and CEO of Connective Touch. She handles all functions of the business which fall within her role. In 1991, she won the Women Mean Business award in the US, making her the first Asian woman in the country as its proud recipient.

Melda Akin: Melda was selected among 200 candidates as one of the best 8 female-founded start-ups in the Middle East and Africa region. As the Founder of Dimension14, she leads the D14 team to deliver the best AI solutions for optimization and scheduling.

Yashmita Bhana: Yashmita is the CEO of the Nihka Technology Group, a company that has won multiple awards for concept and implementation of key ICT projects. She leads a team of tech-savvy experts who create innovative solutions for companies in all industries.

Rachel Gabato: Rachel is the COO of She holds a business management and marketing degree with a minor in communications from Cornell University. Over the last 20 years, she has been working in technology in Product Management leadership and Advisory roles.

Giovanna Jagger: Giovanna is the Co-founder and Head of Business Development at WokenUp, managing business operations. In addition to her role at WokenUp, she volunteers as Impact Advisor at We and AI and is the Director of Impact at One World Women.

Diversity and inclusion are increasingly critical business imperatives today. Despite decades of progress towards workplace equality, women remain underrepresented in the technology workforce. In order to boost the number of women working in tech, Analytics Insight celebrates women entrepreneurs, pioneers and innovators who are driving growth and innovation across a wide variety of industries and are inspiring others to go further and dream bigger.

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