DesignArt Networks Delivers the First Universal WiMAX Basestation-on-Chip

DesignArt Networks , a fabless semiconductor company, today made good on its promise to deliver its revolutionary open WiMAX SoC platform, the DAN2400 , to the market. With a family of single-chip base and relay station reference designs available today, WiMAX equipment vendors can now build a complete radio access network (RAN) product portfolio, covering all indoors and outdoors applications – based on one single R&D, IOT and certification process.

Available reference designs are based on DesignArt ‘ s glue-less single-chip SoC architecture, with targeted variants available for femto-, pico-, and micro cells, as well as BTS sector designs. Any equipment based on the DAN2400 will be the cost leader in its class, with maximum performance, and many value-added feature capabilities.

To minimize transition efforts and time-to-market, DesignArt Networks provides complete commercial grade PHY and MAC SW packages, delivering a full-featured base station implementation – with embedded zero-cost self-backhaul up and running. The available SW packages enable equipment vendors to design a complete infrastructure portfolio ranging from WiMAX base stations, to high-capacity relays, as well as zero-cost backhaul and WiMAX cluster applications. The SW-centric open 4G SoC architecture allows vendors to differentiate themselves on any level of these products – based on state-of-the art SDK tools, available for all embedded processor subsystems.

“ From its conception on, DesignArt ‘ s vision was to provide the lowest cost, most compact and most versatile design options for dense cellular deployments in indoor and outdoor applications, ” said Oz Barak, CEO of DesignArt Networks. “ Today we have proof in hand, that our vision was attainable – with the DAN2400 SoC. I am proud to announce, that our R&D team has completed an entire family of high-performance and full-featured base station reference designs, based on our single-chip SoC architecture – and then added high-capacity zero-cost in-band backhaul capability to it. The resulting component and equipment reduction brakes new grounds for the mobile wireless industry – and is the precursor for the required evolution of the 4G RAN architecture, based on zero-cost in-band backhaul and cluster capabilities. ”

“ DesignArt Networks has developed a new RAN infrastructure deployment concept based on its open WiMAX SoC platform and enabled a complete end-to-end product portfolio which provides a major opportunity for equipment, site and backhaul cost reductions to vendors and operators alike, ” said Berge Ayvazian, WiMAX World conference chair and Chief Strategy Officer, at Yankee Group. “ Initially addressing coverage and capacity constraints already identified in networks today, the zero-cost in-band backhaul and cluster approach has the potential to create significant improvements in cost-efficiency for future deployments of wireless broadband access networks. ”

The DAN2400 is an open WiMAX SoC platform, based on a software-centric, purpose-built multi-core architecture designed for high-performance, carrier-grade networks. The DAN2400-RD family provides complete base station reference designs, with various options for RF boards, as well as dual Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. Available options range from 2×2 femto- and picocell designs, high-power 2×4 and 4×4 pico-, microcell and sector designs, to complete single-chip 3-sector 6×6 micro base stations.

About DesignArt

DesignArt Networks LTD is the leading supplier of system-on-chip (SoC) solutions driving the evolution of the 4G radio network infrastructure, towards high-capacity, high-density deployments with ubiquitous outdoor and indoor coverage. Current DesignArt products are based on the mobile WiMAX standard, IEEE 802.16e-2005, offering single-chip solutions for any type and form factor of base and relay station. DesignArt is the first and only WiMAX silicon vendor to fully integrate all base station processing systems, enhanced with high-capacity backhaul, relay and cluster capabilities, on a single-chip SoC product. DesignArt offers the most compact and powerful design options to equipment manufacturers, enabling them to build the widest range of WiMAX femto, pico, micro and multi-sector macro base stations, including multi-hop relay and WiMAX cluster solutions. Zero-cost in-band backhaul solutions drastically lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) for operators, and are the catalyst to accelerated WiMAX and 4G deployments.