Protegrity Assembles New Leadership Team to Address the Next Frontier of Data Security

Protegrity, a global leader in data security, today announced it has assembled a new leadership team to drive innovation as the company delivers on its mission to protect the world’s most sensitive data, wherever it resides. In October 2019, Rick Farnell joined Protegrity as President and CEO to build upon the company’s proven track record of protecting critical data for the largest global enterprises. Under Farnell’s leadership, Protegrity’s newly established executive team will accelerate the company’s go-to-market strategies and drive operational excellence across the business.

“Companies today are understanding that secure data is the currency of the digital economy,” said Farnell. “Our industry-leading data-security solutions provide the resilience and agility customers need, so they can confidently pursue secure AI, machine learning, and other data-driven initiatives. It’s a very exciting time for Protegrity, as we build on the company’s two decades of data-security leadership while rapidly innovating to meet the needs of the fast-changing technology landscape. To achieve this, we’ve assembled a team of world-class experts that will lead the company to new heights as we address the next frontier of data security.”

For more than 20 years, Protegrity has delivered innovative, data-centric protection for the most sensitive data of the largest brands on the planet. Today, the company protects the data of over one billion individuals across global enterprises, including five of the world’s 40 largest banks, five out of 10 of the top health insurance providers, and three of the world’s leading multinational companies. Throughout the company’s journey, it has kept pace with an ever-changing technology industry, always adapting to meet the needs of customers and partners. Following that tradition, Protegrity today is a reimagined, innovation-driven company built atop a rock-solid foundation. The company’s industry-leading solutions allow businesses to finally tap into the value of their data and accelerate digital transformation timelines – without jeopardizing individuals’ fundamental right to privacy.

Protegrity’s new leadership team is composed of seasoned executive leaders from highly successful organizations who are experts in their respective fields. The new members of Protegrity’s senior leadership team include:

  • Jeffrey Breen, EVP, Product and Strategy – Jeffrey Breen is an experienced technology executive who has spent his career helping companies derive business value through the adoption of new technologies and analytical techniques. At Protegrity, Breen leads the company’s strategy and product teams including the global product engineering team. He has helped drive a number of newly announced enhancements to the Protegrity Data Protection Platform including Kubernetes support and integration with cloud databases and data warehouses such as Snowflake. Breen joins Protegrity from global investment manager Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. where he built the firm’s data science team and platform. He has held leadership roles at Teradata, Think Big Analytics, Atmosphere Research Group, Yankee Group, and Forrester Research and is an active advisor and investor to firms in analytics, AI, and fintech.
  • Bridget Quinlan, EVP, Marketing and Growth Strategies – Bridget Quinlan joins Protegrity to maximize the company’s value through strategies that accelerate growth, promote retention, and expand the market footprint. Quinlan’s deep understanding of B2B marketing, along with her unique blend of creative and analytical talent, has enabled her to conceptualize innovative approaches to marketing and growth at a wide range of global enterprises, including Rakuten and Adobe. Bringing her extensive experience in B2B marketing, Quinlan has been center stage in Protegrity’s efforts to revamp its brand and redefine its market strategy to accelerate revenue, drive expansion, and fuel company growth.
  • Eliano Marques, EVP, Data and AI – Eliano Marques has extensive experience establishing AI and data analytics capabilities across enterprises in a variety of industries and geographies around the world. At Protegrity, Marques is charged with leading Protegrity’s internal data and AI capabilities, including expanding the use of AI in Protegrity’s products. Marques will play a vital role in expanding Protegrity’s privacy-preserving techniques for AI – such as differential privacy or k-anonymity – which can ensure privacy of an individual’s sensitive data while also reducing bias in AI algorithms. In previous positions at Emirates Group, Deloitte, and Teradata, Marques was involved in designing and leading the creation of large-scale, real-time data products and solutions that leveraged the latest machine learning and deep learning capabilities.
  • Scott Fleming, EVP, Services and Support – Scott Fleming is responsible for the services, support and IT teams at Protegrity. Most recently serving as the vice president of global competency practices at Teradata, Fleming has been in the software and consulting industry for over 25 years and has been principally focused on growing startups and delivering cloud and open-source data and analytics solutions for global customers. Fleming’s passion and experience has elevated Protegrity’s delivery of customer excellence as the company expands its product offerings and helps customers achieve new levels of data-driven success.
  • Michael Gephart, EVP, Sales and Alliances – Michael Gephart is responsible for building and scaling the global sales and alliances organization for Protegrity and managing teams in APAC, EMEA, and the Americas. Gephart’s extensive experience leading enterprises through digital transformation initiatives has been key to successfully expanding Protegrity’s direct sales organization, global distribution channels, identifying new go-to-market strategies, and establishing strong alliances with Protegrity’s growing partner network. Previously, Gephart spent over eight years at Amazon Web Services in multiple alliance and sales roles, most recently leading AWS’s largest geography for emerging and strategic cloud offerings. Prior, Gephart spent ten years as a management consultant at Deloitte and a boutique firm acquired by NTT Data.
  • Angel Lange, EVP, Finance – With over 20 years of experience in finance and management, Angel Lange is responsible for the company’s global accounting and financial planning and analysis. Lange’s experience has been instrumental in successfully navigating the company as it transforms to achieve new levels of company growth and financial success. Prior to Protegrity, Lange held positions at MasterControl, EY, UnitedHealthcare, Volkswagen, and Morgan Stanley.
  • Ben Lieberman, VP, HR and People – Ben Lieberman oversees all HR and employee issues globally, including recruiting, benefits, employment brand, engagement, culture, and employee performance. Lieberman brings extensive expertise in talent acquisition and a strong aptitude for building and growing teams by finding value and fit for companies both technically and culturally. At Protegrity, Lieberman has been responsible for overseeing the growth of the company’s team, despite the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Under Lieberman’s direction, Protegrity has ensured the health, wellbeing, and success of its team during its transition to accommodate shelter-in-place policies and work-from-home mandates.
  • Kaitlin Hartshorn, Director of Legal Affairs – Kaitlin Hartshorn joined Protegrity in 2017 and is responsible for overseeing all legal affairs across the business. Skilled in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts that mitigate business risks for the company, Hartshorn also handles all corporate governance for Protegrity. Prior to joining Protegrity, Hartshorn served as the assistant general counsel at Health Care Navigator.

The company also announced today a significantly transformed Protegrity Data Protection Platform, offering enterprises the flexibility to easily secure sensitive data across cloud environments from a single platform. Protegrity also unveiled its vision for the Secure AI Era, in which organizations can harness the near limitless potential of AI and machine learning while preserving every individual’s fundamental right to privacy.

About Protegrity

Protegrity, a global leader in data security, protects sensitive data everywhere and future-proofs businesses as data-privacy regulations evolve. Maintaining privacy today across distributed data has become impossibly complicated. With Protegrity, enterprises can secure data wherever it resides, control how it’s protected, and have confidence that data is safe, even if a breach occurs. The Protegrity Data Protection Platform is a modern alternative to traditionally complex data-protection methods that leave gaps in security. Whether encrypting, tokenizing, or applying privacy models, Protegrity protects data at the speed of business. Deep integrations with Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Teradata, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Cloudera, Databricks, and many other enterprise applications ensure that data remains fully protected in hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, and on-premises environments without performance penalties. The platform’s fine-grained data protection anonymizes personally identifiable information (PII) that’s used in AI and machine learning models, providing faster access to critical analytics data and dramatically shortening the time to business insights. Protegrity protects the sensitive data of over one billion individuals across global enterprises, including five of the world’s 40 largest banks, five out of 10 of the top health insurance providers, and three of the world’s leading multinational companies. With more than two decades of industry-leading innovation, Protegrity allows businesses to finally tap into the value of their data and accelerate digital transformation timelines – without jeopardizing individuals’ fundamental right to privacy.