Intellicheck Mobilisas Access Control Device Ideal for Heightened Security Procedures at Airports

Intellicheck Mobilisa, (NYSE Amex:IDN), a global leader in access control and wireless security systems, is the manufacturer of an access control product called the Defense ID ® Security System that could play a critical role in the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)’s quest to heighten security following the recent attempted terrorist attack aboard an airliner in Detroit.

According to an article dated December 28 th and titled “Strict, new rules for airline passengers: Travelers, especially bound for U.S., to face tighter security,” the TSA has said that although domestic airline passengers should not expect to find identical measures in place at every airport, heightened security procedures would include increased vigilance and visibility that may or may not take the form of gate screening, the added presence of law enforcement officers and canine teams, and other activities.

If, on top of the measures already announced, the TSA decides to include the scanning of driver licenses to cross-check their holders’ names with lists of individuals known for engaging in terrorist activity, the company best-placed to provide the technology would be Intellicheck Mobilisa (IDN).

IDN’s handheld device Defense ID is capable of scanning driver licenses against “watch” databases and is currently being implemented at West Point, Andrews Air Force Base, Quantico Marine Corps Base and more than 70 other military installations across the US.

Using the Defense ID’s rugged handheld, mobile devices allows security personnel to read barcodes, magnetic stripes, RFID and OCR codes printed on current forms of ID cards.

By scanning these ID cards and comparing the information to over 100 databases, Defense ID ® can immediately:

  • Determine if the ID is fake.
  • Determine if the individual bearing the ID has outstanding wants and warrants.
  • Determine if the individual is on an authorized roster of previously cleared personnel.

Defense ID also has capabilities for photo capture and incident recording, as well as a manual search option. For more information about the device’s capabilities and its promise as a tool for heightening the security of American air travel, visit .

About Intellicheck Mobilisa

Intellicheck Mobilisa is a leading technology company, developing and marketing wireless technology and identity systems for various applications including: mobile and handheld wireless devices for the government, military and commercial markets. Products include the Defense ID system, an advanced ID card access control product currently protecting over 70 military and federal locations, and ID-Check, patented technology that instantly reads, analyzes, and verifies encoded data in magnetic stripes and barcodes on government-issue IDs from U.S. and Canadian jurisdictions for the financial, hospitality and retail markets.

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