Shelby County Taps Ingram Content Group to Support Digital Content & License Management Needs

Shelby County Public Schools recently tapped Ingram Content Group® (“Ingram”) to help them scale-up their digital content and license management – part of a large-scale effort to strengthen the 25th largest school system in the country’s distance learning assets.

As school systems across the country work to strengthen distance learning, there is growing recognition that the challenges extend far beyond simply getting devices into student’s hands, but indeed require districts to ensure teachers and students have access to high-quality digital content and that all the all of a district’s digital assets work well within its learning management system (LMS).

“Shelby County understood early on what it would take to support its students, teachers and administrators with distance learning,” said Todd Svec, GM/VP of K-12 Solutions for Ingram. “Knowing that it wanted to make sure that all of their adopted, high quality digital content was accessed through its LMS platform and that there was a need for management of that content was very forward thinking. Shelby County has really been on the cutting edge of harnessing its digital content for maximum result.”

Most districts are using some type of LMS platform to facilitate distance learning. These management systems act as the virtual classroom for teachers to facilitate online learning. When teachers and students accessed these management systems, the lack of adopted high-quality digital content housed within the platforms was exposed. Districts have also had trouble locating and enabling their new past digital license purchases. As Shelby County Schools in Memphis, Tennessee worked through their plans, they anticipated this gap. They turned to Ingram and its robust offering of K-12 educational services, including Classgather™, to push all of their purchased content into their LMS platform, Canvas, and manage their digital licenses.

“Ingram and its Classgather product have played an integral role in the success of our 1:1 initiative. Students will have access to high-quality instructional resources on all 95,000 electronic devices. This would not have been possible without the commitment, urgency, and service of the team members at Classgather,” said Shelby County Public School’s Chief Academic Officer Dr. Antonio Burt.

Ingram’s K-12 services include physical textbook distribution through the Tennessee Book Company, Classgather which provisions and manages K-12 districts digital content licenses, Thrivist® an LMS that supports K-12 districts virtual classroom and professional development, and a host of other print on demand and digital content delivery services.

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