TOP-electronics Named Global Distributor for ArkX Laboratories Far-Field Voice Capture Technology

ArkX Laboratories — a leading provider of advanced voice technology — announced an agreement with TOP-electronics for the global distribution of its EveryWord™ portfolio of ultra-far-field voice capture solutions. TOP-electronics is an international technology-driven distributor and representative of electronic components and modules. The high-performance EveryWord™ product line consists of an Audio Front End (AFE) Module, Integrated Voice Module (SOM + Audio Board w/AFE), and an AVS Development Kit qualified by Amazon Voice Service (AVS).

The announcement coincides with the growing demand from Fortune 1000 companies, OEMs, and start-ups who want to bring their voice-enabled smart products and devices to market. The EveryWord™ portfolio offers a production-ready path that delivers an unmatched voice experience while mitigating risk, reducing development costs, and accelerating time-to-market.

“ArkX Laboratories’ advanced far-field audio products offer unique features and capabilities in the rapidly growing voice marketplace. They have clearly proven their expertise in developing products with the features that customers demand,” said Arco Snoey, TOP-electronics founder and Chief Executive Officer.

Featuring Cirrus Logic’s SoundClear™ and FlexArray™ technologies, EveryWord™ voice capture outperforms other existing far-field solutions and delivers a far-superior voice experience to consumers by capturing voice commands from three times the standard distance, around corners, in noisy and reflective environments, and without lowering playback volume. Additionally, EveryWord™ technology provides the unique ability to identify and to suppress speech from TVs or other single-point noise sources.

“TOP-electronics is well-positioned to serve a large customer base making it an ideal distribution partner fitting our overall distribution strategy,” said Michael Lang, EVP at ArkX Labs. “TOP-electronics supplies a wide variety of channel partners and OEMs both traditionally and online. We are very excited to offer them our full range of products as they can provide the very best service to our customers to drive growth as we expand our product offerings throughout 2021 and beyond.”

In addition to Alexa, EveryWord™ is compatible with other service platforms such as Google, Siri, Cortana, AliGenie, Baidu/, Tencent, and Sensory. EveryWord™ voice solutions can be customized for a company’s eco-system and applied to a wide range of products, including speakers, soundbars, televisions, appliances, voice controllers, and gadgets.

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About ArkX Laboratories

ArkX Laboratories, a joint venture between product development pioneer, Surfaceink and consumer electronics manufacturer Ark Electronics USA brings an exceptional voice experience to the marketplace. Our next generation of advanced, high-performance far-field voice capture solutions, featuring Cirrus Logic and NXP technology, are Amazon pre-qualified and production-ready. ArkX provides Fortune1000, OEMs, and start-ups who want their own branded, voice-enabled IoT products and smart devices with the ability to reduce their development time and costs and accelerate their time-to-market while mitigating the risk. To learn more about ArkX Laboratories and the EveryWord™ portfolio, visit

About TOP-electronics

TOP-electronics is a technology-provider, specialized distributor, and representative in electronic components, modules, and solutions. A partner of several high-tech world-leading suppliers, TOP-electronics has been providing electronic and electromechanical components for the OEM market since 2005. TOP-electronics has built up a thorough knowledge of the international market, customers, and suppliers. The result is a very exquisite range and strong ties with manufacturers in Europe, Asia, and the United States. To learn more, please visit: