CAES’ Crosspoint Switch Versatility Leads the Industry

CAES, a leading provider of mission critical electronics for aerospace and defense, has attained the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) Class Q and Q+ rating for its Crosspoint Switch. The UT65CML8X8FD is ideal for use as a high speed serial repeater, signal distribution, primary and redundant switching, port replication and Space VPX data plane switching applications.

“Our UT65CML8X8FD is unique in that it is protocol independent, making it very versatile for application in our customer’s proprietary architectures,” said Kevin Jackson, senior vice president and general manager, Space Systems Division, CAES. “It offers the greatest flexibility available with its small size and low power design that allows for any unused lanes to power down. We’re proud to offer this product, which is now orderable as QML-Q and Q+, and we are confident we’ll secure QML-V qualification by the end of the year.”

The UT65CML8X8FD 3.125 Gigabits per second (Gbps) Crosspoint Switch is a high-speed switch whose primary function is to perform switching of 10G XAUI serial data streams between one of two, full duplex, current-mode logic (CML) signal input/output (I/O) pads. Key benefits of the Space VPX 8 x 8 Crosspoint Switch include low channel-to-channel skew, loss of signal detection, total dose of 1×105 rad(Si) and Single Event Latchup (SEL) immune of ≤ 100 MeV∙cm2/mg. For more information on the UT65CML8X8FD, please visit

About CAES

CAES is the largest provider of analog and radiation hardened technology for the United States aerospace and defense industry. With a broad portfolio of off-the-shelf and customized RF, microwave and high reliability microelectronic products and subsystems, CAES offers a complete range of solutions for the entire signal chain from aperture to digital conversion.