When Traveling, Boingo is the Road Trip’s Best Bet

Boingo Wireless, the global market leader in Wi-Fi, announces the addition of NomadISP to the Boingo Roaming Network, giving Boingo members access to close to 300 new hotspots located at RV parks, campgrounds and parks throughout the United States and Canada. With the addition of the NomadISP network, Boingo members will be able to enjoy broadband connections as they take their vacations this summer, and whenever they are traveling across North America and staying at a campground or RV park – either with their laptop computers or their Wi-Fi enabled cell phones.

With the new locations from NomadISP, Boingo’s aggregated network will now include the top camping locations across North America, including those around Glacier National Park, the Grand Canyon, Sherkton Shores in Ontario, Canada, Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, among others. These sites also include many of the KOA locations throughout North America.

“Wherever you travel, Boingo is there to keep you connected and in-touch with family and friends on the road,” said Luis Serrano, vice president of network strategies of Boingo Wireless. “With the addition of NomadISP to the Boingo Roaming Network, Boingo is committed to the traveler – business and pleasure – and bringing them the best connected experience.”

“As the leader in wireless internet services for the recreation industry, NomadISP works with leaders in providing access to our network,” said Cody Harris, director of operations, NomadISP. “With 285 locations throughout North America, we are giving Boingo members the best choice to stay connected during for their summer vacations and year-round road trips.”

Boingo gives wired travelers the best choice of Wi-Fi hotspots by combining more than 100,000 locations from more than 150 leading Wi-Fi operators into one worldwide network spanning 90 countries. Boingo members can connect to any of these locations with a single Boingo account using GoBoingo, Boingo’s free Wi-Fi client software, which combines more than 660 network names into one “Boingo Wireless” network and stores the user name and password to simplify identifying and connecting to commercial Wi-Fi networks.

A directory of campgrounds and RV parks that are part of the Boingo Partner Network can be found here: http://boingo.jiwire.com .

About Boingo Wireless

Boingo Wireless, Inc. is the global market leader in Wi-Fi. Boingo makes it easy for consumers to enjoy Wi-Fi access on their laptop or mobile device at more than 100,000 hotspots worldwide — including airports, hotels, cafes and metropolitan hot zones — with a single account. Through its Concourse Communications Group, LLC subsidiary, Boingo operates wired and wireless networks at 24 of the top 100 North American airports. More information about Boingo and Concourse is available at http://www.boingo.com and http://www.concoursecommunications.com .