Intervolve Announces New Mobile Application for Warehouse

Intervolve, Inc., the pioneer in providing on demand supply chain software using web and mobile technologies, today announced the immediate availability of Intervolve RAS Mobile Warehouse. The Mobile Warehouse extends Intervolve’s industry-leading transactional inventory system to a barcode-driven mobile device, enabling beverage wholesalers to improve the efficiency and accuracy of daily warehouse activities.

Bill Kaluza, CEO of Intervolve, said “Inventory control and warehouse efficiency are more important than ever as beverage wholesalers try to manage more products. Wholesalers are looking for ways to make their warehouse processes faster and less prone to error, especially when it comes to taking physical counts. With RAS Mobile Warehouse, users will be able to scan barcodes and enter counts using a wireless scanning gun, making it so much faster to count the warehouse.”

RH Barringer Distributing Company, a leading distributor of beverage products in Greensboro, North Carolina, decided to implement RAS Mobile Warehouse in their two warehouses because of the immediate return on investment. Rick Craig, VP of Operations, said “As we found the hard way, with an increase in number of SKU’s, the physical inventory process becomes much more complex. RAS Mobile Warehouse was exactly what we needed. Scanning is a huge win not only in time savings but also in accuracy.”

The physical zone count module on RAS Mobile Warehouse allows multiple users to enter counts at the same time, keeping track of the warehouse zone, warehouse location, and even product code dates. Built on the Windows CE platform, the user-friendly interface, makes “heads up” counting a reality, with audio and visual feedback while collecting data. Tightly integrated with the Intervolve Route Accounting System, data can be wirelessly synced to the server for balancing variances.

About Intervolve, Inc.

Intervolve, Inc. is the pioneer in providing supply chain software and services for the beverage industry that leverage web and mobile technologies. Intervolve helps customers gain a competitive advantage by automating critical business processes and delivering actionable market intelligence, from warehouse and operations to retail execution. For more information, please visit or call 1.919.828.5727.