Stratejm Launches Enhanced Managed Detection & Response Service

Stratejm, North America’s premier Next-Generation Managed Security Services Provider, today announced the launch of its enhanced Managed Detection & Response (e-MDR) service. e-MDR leverages state of the art detection and response technologies combined with threat intelligence and security analytics to respond more effectively and in real time to attackers’ latest techniques and tactics. e-MDR offers the continuous collection and analysis of system and network telemetry data along with multiple sources of log data enabling a superior proactive cyber threat hunting capability. Stratejm’s e-MDR service is supported by a dedicated and highly trained team of Cyber Intelligence Analysts. The Cyber Intelligence Analysts work 24x7x365 as a true extension of the enterprise cybersecurity team.

The global cyber threat landscape continues to evolve rapidly and requires a better and more efficient approach to managing advanced threats. Stratejm’s e-MDR service is a unique answer, enabling customers to focus on achieving operations goals, significantly reducing risks and lowering the overall costs of their cybersecurity programs.

Cybercriminals have switched tactics and have been exploiting COVID-19-related fears. As a result, working from home is becoming a gateway to new forms of data theft. Additionally, digital transformation is shedding light on inadequate cyber and data security controls that give adversaries the upper hand. Stratejm’s e-MDR service will help the enterprise address security challenges at a lower cost and with better outcomes.

President and CEO John Menezes, a recognized industry veteran, expressed the view that “cybersecurity professionals need to focus more on outcomes and less on tools; moreover, you cannot maintain legacy practices in cybersecurity and expect any better outcomes.” Stratejm’s e-MDR service provides enterprises the ideal opportunity to break the unsustainable cycle of continuous spending and focus on the outcomes delivered via Stratejm’s e-MDR service. E-MDR enables our customers to reduce their risk and their costs.”

“We take cyber and data security very seriously,” says Mark Fernandes, Chief Information Officer at Hydro Ottawa, a large Electricity Utility, Generation and Energy Services Company located in Canada’s national capital region. “Stratejm’s e-MDR service offers a robust, enterprise-grade and turnkey platform combined with the 24/7 business assurance we need. Our partnership with Stratejm has helped us advance our cybersecurity posture.”

Carl Hayes, Partner & Vice President of Business Development, believes Stratejm is uniquely positioned to offer North American enterprise the benefits of e-MDR. “Leveraging our years of experience in delivering SECaaS to some of North America’s largest enterprise customers, Stratejm’s development of e-MDR presents itself as the logical evolution of our value proposition and service delivery model,” he says. “Customers can onboard e-MDR without making any capital investments. Stratejm’s business philosophy is summed up as follows: No Capital. No Contract. No Compromise. The time to value is maximized with Stratejm and our customers quickly begin to realize a Return on Investment.”

Stratejm is committed to being a leader and innovator in the global security marketplace and a trusted security partner to our customers. To that end, we will continuously innovate while simultaneously maintaining the highest standards of customer satisfaction. Our success depends on our ability to consistently evolve with the ever-changing threat landscape.