Ixia and QualiSystems Integrate to Advance IP Test Automation

Ixia(TM) (NASDAQ: XXIA), a leading global provider of IP performance test systems today announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with QualiSystems, a pioneer in the field of Test Automation, to integrate Ixia’s Test Conductor(TM) IP test automation framework with QualiSystems’ TestShell(TM) suite of vendor independent test applications. This strategic partnership enables customers to integrate with hundreds of industry leading test and measurement tools such as scopes, power supplies, PXI, multimeters, spectrum/network analyzers and IP performance test equipment. The integrated solution accelerates customers return on investments for test applications and hardware, improving quality assurance cycles as well as time to market. The integrated solution is to be showcased at iSimCity, Ixia’s proof-of-concept lab and executive briefing center in Santa Clara, Calif.

Why it’s unique

The combined solution will leverage TestShell’s broad range of test management solutions with Test Conductor’s integrated IP test applications and hardware. Test Conductor and TestShell interoperate seamlessly, in a framework that automates tests from many disparate test applications and devices. The result is an open and vendor agnostic solution that delivers increased productivity.

Ixia and QualiSystems will share product development plans enabling both companies to design products with complementary, best-in-class integration and interoperability. Ultimately, the partnership delivers:

— Greater ROI and increased productivity for quality assurance organizations

— Seamless integration of hundreds of test tools

— A framework that accentuates the unique capabilities of lab network elements

Ixia’s partnership with QualiSystems offers the industry a framework that enables truly unattended lab automation and allows customers to address unique challenges that have remained unaddressed.

TestShell is a suite of integrated applications that can be used for virtually any type of software or hardware testing. TestShell easily automates a wide range of protocols, script languages and test instruments, without requiring programming skills. It has a built-in database and online dashboards that provide reporting capabilities, real-time data analysis and enhanced business intelligence. TestShell turns testing processes into a total quality optimization solution.

“We are excited to work with Ixia,” said Aryeh Finegold, CEO and Chairman, QualiSystems. “The integration of Ixia’s Test Conductor framework and our TestShell platform will enable customers to make the most efficient use of all elements critical to their quality assurance process.”

Test Conductor enables users to easily automate the entire process of testing, including test bed assignment and reservation, hardware optimization, DUT configuration, real-world traffic definition and results analysis. Test Conductor creates manages and schedules tests in sophisticated lab environments that perform real-world traffic simulation. It also maintains a central repository of the test data and permits test diagnostics and trend reporting.

“Ixia’s IP test automation framework leverages QualiSystems’ TestShell to provide true vendor agnostic integration with numerous test tools used by quality assurance organizations,” said Atul Bhatnagar, president and CEO of Ixia. “Ixia and QualiSystems will combine their best features to raise the strategic business value of testing by improving productivity, quality and overall ROI.”

About QualiSystems

QualiSystems is a pioneer in the field of Test Automation. The Test Automation world is evolving from a collection of various tools to an enterprise quality management platform. QualiSystems’ mission statement is to be the leading software company in the new test automation era. QualiSystems’ TestShell is used by leaders in industries ranging from telecommunications, cellular, aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, medical devices and semiconductors.