New Social Media Platform Enables Members to Raise More Than $100,000 for Its Causes

SocialVibe, a new social media platform that enables interaction between people, the brands they love and the causes they are passionate about, announced that it has helped members raise more than $100,000 in donations for charities. The platform mobilizes social media consumers to easily endorse the brands and causes they care about and distribute these alliances via a SocialVibe badge on social networks like Facebook, myYearbook, and MySpace; blogs; and personal web sites. By endorsing their favorite brands on online profiles, members earn points that direct donations to the charities they support.

“SocialVibe is proud that its members have raised over $100,000 in charitable donations. The power an individual can wield for a good cause just by using their online influence is shown by the donations members have been able to raise in such a short amount of time. People are beginning to realize the promise of using social media for social good,” said Joe Marchese, founder and president, SocialVibe.

In the six months since its February 2008 launch in public beta, SocialVibe has surpassed the milestone of $100,000 charitable donations with a significant growth in membership. Additionally, SocialVibe has developed several new brand and charity partnerships, and has raised funds for 27 charities. Through partnerships, SocialVibe provides brands and charities solutions for engaging consumers and building loyalty.

Stand Up To Cancer, a cause dedicated to working with the top experts in cancer research, has recently joined the list of SocialVibe causes. “Partnering with SocialVibe has been a great way for us to reach new and influential supporters as well as increase our online presence in social media,” said Laura Ziskin, Executive Producer, Stand Up To Cancer. “We commend SocialVibe on reaching $100,000 in donations and feel very fortunate to be one of the charities that their members can support.”

SocialVibe’s causes include charity:water, Direct Relief International, Donors Choose, Invisible Children, HollyRod4Kids, One Laptop Per Child, Partnership for a Drug-Free America, Surfrider Foundation, and World Wildlife Fund.

SocialVibe works closely with actress Holly Robinson Peete and NFL quarterback Rodney Peete on their hollyrod4kids initiative. “hollyrod4kids is proud to be a beneficiary of SocialVibe. It is through online communities that we will be able to activate and educate the public on important social issues,” said Holly Robinson Peete, co-founder of HollyRod Foundation. Continued Rodney Peete, co-founder of HollyRod Foundation, “As hollyrod4kids continues its activism and advocacy surrounding issues affecting children, we encourage young people to get involved in their community and beyond. We are thrilled to partner with SocialVibe and explore this new avenue to help communicate truths and dispel myths surrounding autism.”

Most recently, SocialVibe has added Children’s Miracle Network to their charity roster, an organization dedicated to saving and improving the lives of children by raising funds for children’s hospitals. SocialVibe will continue to expand their list of charities and brands.

About SocialVibe:

SocialVibe recognizes that individuals hold the key to generating attention and wielding influence in social media. It’s a powerful new way for brands to interact with people and change the way brands participate in social media. SocialVibe allows people to choose a brand to endorse, earning opportunities to get brand perks and points. The points that members earn are then turned into funds for the charitable cause of their choice.