Gearworks Launches Appmosphere Partner Network to Provide Location-Based Mobility to Third-Party Applications

Gearworks, a leading provider of location-based mobile business applications, today announced its Appmosphere(TM) Partner Network (APN) program for developers and providers of third-party business applications. The program enables participating partners to build, brand and share location-enabled mobile applications on-demand, on mobile devices ranging from phones to PDAs, across multiple wireless carriers in North America.

Leveraging Gearworks’ Appmosphere mobile application delivery platform, the APN program provides participants with the tools, training, reference applications, integration, certification and support needed to efficiently mobilize and location-enable their web and premise-based business applications. From a wireless carrier perspective, APN provides a vibrant on-deck ecosystem of new partners from a broad spectrum of vertical and niche markets with fully-certified and compliant mobile business applications that are tightly integrated with their back-office solutions.

“Gearworks’ Appmosphere Partner Network program lets partners mobilize and location-enable their business applications quickly and easily without being forced to choose between limiting customer choice or supporting hundreds of different mobile devices and multiple wireless carriers and networks,” said Todd Krautkremer, president and chief executive officer of Gearworks. “As our network of partners expands, carriers can tap a growing set of on-deck, location-based mobile applications delivered safely and securely through a single, carrier-class platform while business customers will find more of their back-office applications already mobilized on the wireless carrier and mobile devices they want to use today.”

Software Vendor Benefits:

— Sustaining value: Software vendors looking to mobilize and location-enable their back-office applications are seeking a mobile solution that shields them from the complexities of working with wireless carriers, the blistering pace of mobile device innovation, the confounding variety of mobile network and location technologies, and the shifting data and voice plan offerings. With APN, vendors build and integrate their application once and are assured that it will run on the devices and networks that wireless carriers have today and tomorrow.

— Fast-to-market: Facing competition, customer demand and market opportunity, software vendors want a mobile solution they can get to market quickly. APN provides a robust set of integration tools and lets partners tap Gearworks’ mobile application development services to integrate mobile widgets, like turn-by-turn navigation, and deliver mobile solutions to market in weeks versus months.

— Aligned business model: Mobile middleware alternatives require large up-front investments to deliver solutions which wireless carrier channels view as competitive to their own offerings. The APN software-as-a-service (SaaS) revenue share and on-deck delivery model minimizes up-front investment while aligning the interests of the software vendor and the wireless carrier to best serve their common business customers.

— Comprehensive program: To satisfy business customers, the mobile solution must combine technology with the right customer experience. APN ensures a positive, seamless, customer experience by bringing Gearworks’ channel-tested sales and marketing, carrier-class customer care and infrastructure, and integrated ordering, provisioning, and billing to each partner relationship.

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About Gearworks

Gearworks provides the industry’s leading carrier-class platform for location-based mobile applications that help businesses reduce fuel, overtime, and other operating costs, increase employee productivity and safety, and improve customer satisfaction. Through the Gearworks Appmosphere(TM) platform, wireless carriers deliver location-based business applications to market faster, software vendors mobilize their applications easily, and enterprises cost-effectively integrate and deploy their back-office applications and business processes to their mobile workforce through any wireless carrier on any mobile device. Appmosphere is the technology foundation for Gearworks’ industry-leading mobile workforce management applications, including etrace(R) and other carrier-branded products. With Appmosphere and its applications, the company serves thousands of small- to medium-sized business and enterprise customers across a broad range of industries — including healthcare, field service, home and store delivery, construction, utilities and government services.