Solution Provides Reliable, Secure Extended Wireless GeoLocation and Networking for U.S. Federal and State Governments

Fidelity Comtech, Inc. (FCI), the leading provider of extended wireless solutions, today announced an agreement with Assured Information Security, Inc. (AIS), in which it will integrate and resell Fidelity Comtech’s government version of the Phocus Array(TM) System, a small lightweight outdoor extended reach 802.11b/g phased array wireless system as part of AIS’ government integrated solutions. In addition to providing extended wireless coverage in large area outdoor environments, AIS will be integrating FCI’s new Geo-II(TM) and Geo-III(TM) location capabilities for indoor and outdoor challenging environments. As a result of this partnership, AIS will offer its customers reliable, secure extended wireless access for a range of large area outdoor and indoor networking and GeoLocation applications for the U.S. federal and state governments.

“Fidelity Comtech brings new added dimensions to wireless solutions with their superior wireless reach and standoff GeoLocation capabilities. We have already integrated their product capabilities into some of our leading government solutions,” said Glenn T. Welsh, Vice President, Assured Information Security.

Fidelity Comtech’s Phocus Array System incorporates the company’s patented dynamic beam steering and shaping (DBSS) technology which allows the shape, direction and size of the antenna patterns to be varied on a packet-by-packet basis. This flexibility allows the beam for IEEE 802.11 b/g communications to be pointed instantly for increased signal range and improved network reliability, and directed to reach a specific geographic area. The standard product Phocus Array System can support links of up to nearly 15 miles with a significant reduction in infrastructure for large area wireless coverage. More importantly, the Phocus Array System extends the wireless reach of typical Wi-Fi clients nearly four times their normal distance. Fidelity Comtech’s second-generation system also incorporates WPA and WPA2 wireless security with 3DES and AES encryption, respectively, and features additional memory and a new faster core computing platform based on Intel’s XScale processor. Geo-II Line-of-Bearing (LoB) and Geo-III Pin-point Standoff GeoLocation (PSG) software provides superior capabilities.

“Our companies are known for state-of-the-art, reliable, and secure mobile extended wireless and GeoLocation solutions in operationally challenging applications, and we look forward to working with Assured Information Security to bring our solutions to a number of new government customers,” said Joe Carey, President and CEO of Fidelity Comtech.

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About Assured Information Security, Inc.

Assured Information Security, Inc. is a small business entity focused solely on Computer and Network Security Technology Research and Development. Information Assurance is a large part of what we do and it reflects in our name and our people. Located on the beautiful upstate New York campus of Griffiss Park in Rome, we provide professional R&D services to the Government and produce many specialized products for computer network security.

Fidelity Comtech, Inc.

Fidelity Comtech, Inc. is headquartered in Longmont, Colorado. Since 2001, Fidelity Comtech has provided premier RF components, antennas and systems to commercial and government customers. FCI’s Phocus Array and GeoLocation products, utilizing Vector Modulated Technology(TM) and FlexVMT(TM), are changing and improving the way the world uses wireless communications. Fidelity Comtech is the leader in outdoor extended wireless and GeoLocation products. Its products deliver the flexibility of traditional Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 wireless products with the capability on a packet-by-packet basis to dynamically “beam steer, shape, and size” extended signals for miles while deriving standoff location information about the Wi-Fi client. Phocus Array, FlexVMT, G.R.I.P.S., Geo-I, Geo-II, Geo-III and Vector Modulated Technology are trademarks of Fidelity Comtech, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. VMT is an acronym for the technology covered by U.S. patent #6,894,657.