Vertical Circuits and Aptos Technology Sign Strategic Manufacturing Agreement

Vertical Circuits, Inc.(VCI), a leading supplier of advanced 3D die level interconnect solutions, today announced the signing of a strategic manufacturing agreement with Aptos Technology, a major Taiwan based provider of high density memory package and memory card assembly and test services. Under the terms of the agreement, Aptos will provide high volume manufacturing services to VCI for its growing customer base adopting VCI’s 3D vertical interconnect solutions for memory product applications. To support the rising demand, Aptos is establishing a high volume assembly line capable of producing stacked die solutions based on VCI’s patented and proven vertical interconnect pillar (VIP(TM)) technology.

Vertical Circuits technology provides a low cost alternative to existing stacked die wire bond and through silicon via (TSV) interconnect solutions. The VIP(TM) process enables IC assemblers such as Aptos to deliver very cost effective stacked semiconductor die packages that maximize silicon density and minimize the package form factor.

“Aptos has demonstrated world class capability and quality in delivering high density memory package assembly and test services,” said Sunil Kaul, CEO & President of Vertical Circuits. “The combination of Aptos’s extensive assembly experience for the world’s leading flash memory providers and VCI’s low cost VIP(TM) technology enables us to offer an immediate, high volume manufacturing solution to our growing customer base. We believe this partnership will further advance our ability to establish VCI’s VIP(TM) as the new standard interconnect solution for high density memory components.”

“Our partnership with Vertical Circuits allows Aptos to continue to deliver leading high density, low cost stacked memory components,” said Daniel Jow, Chairman of Aptos. “The proven VIP(TM) technology seamlessly integrates into our existing high volume manufacturing lines and enables us to bring the technology to the market in a very short time. We are excited with this partnership and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with VCI.”

Vertical Circuits has licensed its VIP(TM) technology to leading global device manufacturers and packaging companies based in the US, Japan, and Taiwan. The VIP(TM) technology is ideally suited for high capacity removable, as well as embedded, flash memory applications, including a broad array of memory cards, USB memory, and emerging SSD products. In addition, the low inductance, high performance, characteristics of the VIP(TM) conductors also make them well suited for DDR2/3 modules, memory / logic device stacks, and specialty device applications.

About Vertical Circuits, Inc.

Vertical Circuits Inc., a global supplier of advanced die level vertical interconnect technology, products, services and intellectual property for the manufacture of low cost, ultra high-speed/high-density semiconductor components. Vertical Circuits licenses its VIP(TM) technology to leading IC manufacturing and packaging companies and is headquartered in Scotts Valley, CA. For more information, visit

About Aptos Technology, Inc.

Aptos Technology Inc., a major supplier of advanced memory packaging house which focus on high density, multi-layers stacking MCP and SIP by utilizing its ultra thin wafer technology. Aptos provides its packaging and testing service with outstanding performance to global Tier1 OEM customers. Aptos is headquartered in Miaoli, Taiwan. For more information, visit