OptHome.com Shares Top 10 Simple Tips for Summertime Improvements That Lead to Fall Curb Appeal

OptHome(TM) ( http://www.opthome.com ), the ultimate online resource for empowering homeowners, buyers and sellers to make smart decisions for all their homeowner needs, share ten simple tips for homeowners preparing to sell. Research shows that as the lazy days of summer come to a close and the seasons change, so do the mindsets of buyers and sellers.

“Today’s challenging market requires sellers do a self-inventory of their property and take the necessary steps to maximize curb appeal to attract buyers”, said Rob Harrington, OptHome founder & chairman. “Taking the time to make a few simple and affordable improvements to a home before listing with an agent will help give the seller a competitive edge over similar homes in the area and ensure sellers get the best return on their investment.”

Following are OptHome’s Top 10 tips that lead to fall curb appeal:

1. Go green. Lawns tend to get greener after August when the nights get cooler. It’s also a great time to seed your lawn if there are any bare spots or the grass is thin.

2. Add color. Plant mums or other colorful plants that will thrive in the fall. This will give your landscape color and vibrancy when everything starts to fade from the summer.

3. Details matter. Trim shrubs and trees on your landscape. Make sure things look sharp and neat.

4. Keep it clean. Tidy up your yard; put away hoses or superfluous lawn ornaments. Change over the general theme (if you have one) to an earthier, fall tone.

5. Stay current. Be careful not to give your house the closed-down, winter hibernation look. In other words, don’t leave a boat wrapped and covered for winter on your lawn.

6. Preserve wildlife. Attract a little friendly wildlife to your lawn by putting out a birdfeeder.

7. Sparkle and shine. Wash your windows and your screens. As fall arrives, the arc of the sun changes and it’s easier to see dirt on windows; removing screens entirely will also help keep a clean, clear view through the windows.

8. Fresh paint, new home. Use the last of the summer weather to do any exterior painting your home may need. If painting your house seems too daunting, break it into sections (i.e. visible front sections first, then back) and only do one at a time.

9. Clean the garage. Before it gets cold and uncomfortable, clean out any mess in your garage which will give you more room for storage if you need to de-clutter inside the house.

10. The time is right. Make sure you adjust any automatic timers. As days begin to shorten, ensure automatic lights along the house or walkways come on when it starts to get dark.

“Paying attention to these small details can make or break a real estate deal,” says Harrington. “And although these may seem obvious, most homeowners don’t think about them until the property lingers on the market and they’re in a dire situation.”

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