Phenomenex Receives R&D 100 Award for Clarity(R) QSP(TM)

Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the manufacture of separation science consumables, announces that Clarity QSP(TM), a solution for synthetic RNA and DNA purification, has been recognized as one of the most technologically significant products of 2008 and named as an R&D 100 award winner. Winners of R&D 100 awards are selected by an independent judging panel tasked with determining the most innovative and important new products of the year.

Patent-pending Clarity QSP solid phase extraction cartridges and well plates deliver nearly impurity-free, concentrated full-length ssDNA and ssRNA sequences in a stable media, suitable for in-vivo applications and downstream analysis. Unique buffer formulas work with deprotecting and cleavage solutions to retain full-length trityl-on oligonucleotide sequences while eliminating truncated sequences and damaged fragments.

Standing for “quick, simple, and pure,” Clarity QSP’s next-generation technology offers improved performance over traditional reversed-phase purification methods, which are limited by low purities and yields, consume large solvent volumes and employ toxic ion-pairing reagents. By comparison, Clarity QSP delivers purities ranging from 90-95% and recovery values of 90% or higher, while simplifying the process by employing fewer buffers and wash steps. When used in conjunction with standard laboratory parallel processing automation equipment, Clarity QSP provides a rapid, simple, and cost-effective means of purifying large quantities of synthetic oligonucleotides.

“Advances in genomics have caused a surge in demand for highly purified synthetic DNA and RNA molecules,” explained Cathy Cordova, brand manager for Phenomenex. “We appreciate this award in recognition of our efforts to meet the evolving demands of oligonucleotide manufacturers and researchers as the investigation of oligo-based therapies gains importance.”

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