Specific Media to Host Political Targeting Symposium in Washington D.C. on July 8

Specific Media, the largest independent online advertising network, announced today that it will host an insightful evening of political discussion surrounding emerging interactive marketing trends. Renowned campaign strategist and political consultant Matthew Dowd will join Specific Media as a guest speaker at the private event held at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. on July 8, 2008. If interested in receiving an invitation to this event, please contact events@specificmedia.com .

The symposium will feature critical insight into how creative political marketers are increasingly shifting their advertising budgets online to reach and engage more potential voters. As part of the program, Specific Media, the political segment’s leading network, will highlight how it enables top political marketers to target up to 165 unique political audience profiles online through its new, innovative technologies.

“Recent estimates show that online advertising from political campaigns and advocacy groups will reach a record-setting $50 million this year amid national and local elections,” said Dowd. “I welcome the opportunity to join Specific Media to discuss some of the trends we are seeing as the campaign process moves online at a rapid pace. Attendees will gain an understanding of how to make the best use of their online advertising dollars in an increasingly wired world.”

According to recent industry surveys, more than half of all U.S. voters get political information from the Internet, most of them searching for terms related to issues such as “healthcare,” “economy” or “war in Iraq.” However, to date, campaign managers have largely targeted their ads based on candidates’ names, thus failing to connect with the most responsive – and undecided – segments of the political electorate. Specific Media plans to use the evening’s forum to explain how to avoid this pitfall and others.

“2008 marks an important year in advertising, as political campaigns and advocacy groups are set to increase their online spending to groundbreaking new levels,” said Tim Vanderhook, CEO and co-founder of Specific Media. “To avoid wasting advertising dollars, campaign marketers need a better understanding about how people obtain information around important issues. With this forum, we hope to shed new light on online behaviors, and in the process help political marketers more directly reach their key constituents.”

About Matthew Dowd

Matthew Dowd has been a campaign strategist in races throughout the country. In 30 years, Dowd has worked for Democrats such as the late Sen. Lloyd Bentsen and Lt. Gov. Bob Bullock, and Republicans including Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and President George W. Bush, for whom he was chief strategist in 2004. He currently serves as a political contributor for the ABC television network.

About Specific Media

Specific Media, the advertising industry’s largest independent online advertising network, enables advertisers to target consumers throughout North America and Western Europe based on demographics, behaviors, geographic locations and/or the contextual relevance of websites visited. Specific Media works with many of the Fortune 500 brands including seven of the top 10 companies. The company’s Premium Network reaches more than 225 million consumers globally and 150 million in the U.S. each month. Since 1999, Specific Media has connected advertisers with target audiences across consumer branded publishers. Visit http://www.specificmedia.com .