Hard Money, Direct Lender Standardizes Processes and Requirements for Brokers

Titan Lenders Corp., a mortgage back office fulfillment services provider specializing in closing, funding, and post closing services is now serving San Diego-based hard money direct lender LJL Funding.

Titan Lenders Corp. is an outsource variable cost solution alternative for mortgage bankers, brokers and investors seeking to reduce risk, errors and overhead in their mortgage operations, while remaining responsive to fluctuations in their loan closing pipeline.

LJL Funding provides equity based lending (commonly referred to as ‘hard money lending’) for borrowers with sub prime credit who do not meet conventional underwriting guidelines. As a direct portfolio lender, LJL Funding can provide quick financing to sub prime clients without regard to their credit score, income verification or mortgage payment history.

According to Jeff Arnold, Vice President of LJL Funding, hard money lenders have a reputation for subjective, unpredictable methodologies, while LJL is more like a “traditional mortgage lender working in the hard money space”. Rather than trying “to be all things to all people,” Arnold said that LJL is focused solely on one-to-four unit residential properties, which allows for more operational structure and standardization than most hard money firms.

“We selected Titan Lenders Corp because their excellent technology provides for well defined, automated processes and ensures that we deliver on our commitment to quick turn times and exceptional communication for our brokers,” said Arnold. “While it is true that most hard money deals are ‘one-off’ transactions, we created LJL Funding to provide brokers with a familiar, standardized process for getting their loans closed.”

“LJL Funding is not your typical hard money lender when you consider its clear commitment to improving and standardizing the broker experience,” said Titan Lenders Corp founder and president Mary Kladde. “The Titan Lenders Corp ‘quality first’ approach to executing flawless post closing and mortgage fulfillment processes supports LJL’s mission and will help ensure its long term success.”

About Titan Lenders Corp.

Titan enables mortgage bankers, brokers and investors to decrease risk, increase closing capacity, reduce errors and protect loan profitability by outsourcing process-intensive back office functions while focusing on productive origination strategies. For more information about Titan Lenders Corp., contact Mary Kladde at mary.kladde@titanlenderscorp.com .