ZANA Network Offers First-Of-Its-Kind Access to Global Sales Representation to Small & Medium Enterprises

ZANA Network, in conjunction with trade offices in 88 countries and Rhode Island-based Bryant University, announced today the first-of-its-kind program offering that provides access to sales representation for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) around the globe. The global sales representation program is one of a range of innovative programs available from ZANA Network, an online marketplace and business development resource serving SMEs worldwide, that are designed to help SMEs grow their businesses and find opportunities – which is especially important during the current tough economic period.

Participation in the program is available to ZANA Network members as part of its annual $200 membership fee.

The era of small businesses that operated only in their communities is long since past. Today’s small businesses can operate globally, but major obstacles for building a national or global sales force are time, money and security. ZANA Network helps members identify independent contractors who work as agents, distributors or sales reps on a performance basis. Working with companies including Dun & Bradstreet, ZANA Network also provides methods of verifying the financial integrity of companies. Its partnership with Bryant University offers ZANA members information on regulations, customs, tariffs, shipping and other services. ZANA Network also offers financing services that include international lenders. These are just some of the key advantages of ZANA Network membership that can pave the way to increased profits.

“This is an outstanding opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses to find sales agents worldwide through ZANA Network. Now every company can be global,” said Ray Fogarty, director, Chafee Center for International Business at Bryant University.

Howard Keating, CEO of ZANA Network, said, “Given the tough economic times in the U.S., many small companies may be thinking about cutting back – and that’s why this can be a great time for aggressive businesses to take a contrarian approach by looking at how they can expand. The world becomes a smaller place when you see that ZANA Network provides access to sales agents and distributors around the globe. This network is designed to help SMEs become even more profitable in their endeavors. Where else could you access a national or global sales network for $200?”

According to Hector Barreto, Chairman of The Latino Coalition and former head of the Small Business Administration, “I can’t imagine any small or medium business that doesn’t want to increase sales and generate relationships that can expand their future.”

Keating said that finding the right agents/distributors moves quickly. “We anticipate that national sales agents/distribution matches will probably happen first, with international relationships taking about 30 to 60 days. Businesses do not have to hope for better times; those days are here now and waiting for their attention. It’s time for them to join ZANA Network, where they can get access to sales representation and so many other services they need to succeed.”

About ZANA Network, LLC

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About Bryant University

Ranked as one of the top 20 schools in masters programs by U.S. News & World Report, Bryant University has been building the knowledge and character of students to help them achieve success. It is a student-centered university, focused on providing rigorous academic programs that integrate business and liberal arts to develop the skills and critical thinking that are essential to every profession.

About The Latino Coalition

The Latino Coalition (TLC) is a non-profit nationwide organization based in Los Angeles, Calif., with offices in Washington, D.C. and Mexico (Mexico City & Guadalajara). TLC was established to address policy issues that directly affect the well-being of Hispanics in the United States. TLC’s agenda is to develop and promote policies that will foster economic equivalency and enhance overall business, economic and social development of Hispanics. For more information, visit TLC’s website at .