Brenmiller Energy Wins 2022 Cleanie Award® as Pioneer in Thermal Energy Storage

Brenmiller Energy Ltd. (“Brenmiller”, “Brenmiller Energy”; TASE: BNRG, Nasdaq: BNRG), a global leader in thermal energy storage (TES), is pleased to announce that it has been selected as The Cleanie Awards® Silver winner for Pioneer in New Technology in the Storage category. The Cleanie Awards is the leading awards program focused on recognizing innovators and those making an impact in driving the clean energy economy forward. The program recognizes leading brands and thought leaders that display excellence in innovation and business leadership.

Brenmiller was selected as a winner out of hundreds of other applicants from across the industry spectrum — from enterprise to small business to individuals clearing the path for the clean energy transition. Brenmiller’s mature and patented bGen™ technology is designed to help decarbonize industrial processes and power production, by turning energy from renewable resources into electric heat.

“We are thrilled to be recognizing passionate thought leaders and organizations who are playing a pivotal role in accelerating the net-zero transition,” said Randee Gilmore, Executive Director, The Cleanie Awards. “We are five years into the program, and continuously see a double digit increase in submissions year over year. As our industry continues to grow, we look forward to continuously highlighting the successes of those championing and advocating for the sustainable future.”

Brenmiller’s TES system is an intelligent, scalable, and cost-effective technology that provides industrial organizations and power producers with around-the-clock low-carbon heat. In addition to renewables, the bGen system can store energy generated by waste heat, biomass, and other types of clean energy for minutes, hours, or days and produce steam, hot water, or hot air that can be accessed on-demand and when industrial organizations and the grid need it. This provides critical reliability, protection from renewable intermittency and fluctuations in energy market prices, as well as a solution to decarbonize heat generation.

“It is an honor to see our innovative TES technology recognized as a winner of this year’s prestigious Cleanie Awards,” said Brenmiller president and CEO Avi Brenmiller. “Just one month after being named the 2022 World CleanTech Awards’ Visionary StartUp of the Year, recognition from the Cleanie Awards organization offers further validation for our pioneering TES technology, which is low-risk, market-proven, and already decarbonizing power generation and industrial processes worldwide.”

Brenmiller was selected by a cohort of peers including judges and leaders across the cleantech and renewable energy sectors, including Alison Mickey, Highland Electric Fleets; Ayanna Nibbs, CohnReznick Capital; Goksenin Ozturkeri, CIBC; Miles Braxton, Summit Ridge Energy; Paul Quinlan, ScottMadden, Inc.; Raheleh Folkerts, Lighsource bp; Remy Pangle, Repowering Schools; Stephanie Annerose, Piper Sandler; Thiam B. Giam, Black & Veatch Management Consulting; Zadie Oleksiw, Clearway Energy Group.

About Brenmiller Energy Ltd.

Brenmiller Energy delivers scalable thermal energy storage solutions and services that allow customers to cost-effectively decarbonize their operations. Its patented bGen thermal storage technology enables the use of renewable energy resources, as well as waste heat, to heat crushed rocks to very high temperatures. They can then store this heat for minutes, hours, or even days before using it for industrial and power generation processes. With bGen, organizations have a way to use electricity, biomass and waste heat to generate the clean steam, hot water and hot air they need to mold plastic, process food and beverages, produce paper, manufacture chemicals and pharmaceuticals or drive steam turbines without burning fossil fuels.