Space Exploration Industry Leader Andrew Rush Joins Copernicus Space Corporation as President & CEO

Copernicus Space Corporation (“Copernicus”) is a novel space exploration company leveraging deep knowledge of astrophysics, space systems engineering and synthetic biology to pioneer a unique space technology platform for distributed, intelligent in situ Swarm Exploration™. Copernicus develops and will deploy miniaturized, semi-autonomous space probes with in situ detection capabilities for Swarm Exploration, in particular for the search for extant or extinct microbial life in our solar system, and later for exploring nearby exoplanets in our galaxy. Copernicus today is very pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Rush as its President and Chief Executive Officer.

Expressing his excitement, Andrew commented: “I am honored to join the Copernicus team and grateful to the Copernicus board of directors for this incredible opportunity. Together, we will foster the growth of the second golden age of space exploration by establishing Copernicus as a different kind of industry leader, developing disruptive and innovative products and services. Our focus on in situ Swarm Exploration, powered by artificial intelligence, high-speed computing, robotics and eventually synthetic biology will enable swarm-based missions for space exploration, scientific discovery, security applications, and commercial activities.”

Andrew Rush is an experienced and successful aerospace executive, company builder and thought leader in the emerging space economy. Starting in 2015, Mr. Rush served as President & CEO of Made In Space, which he developed from its early stages into a profitable space technology company with 140 employees. Under Andrew’s leadership, Made In Space became the first firm to manufacture in space, sell a space-built product to a customer on Earth, and develop the first-ever satellite that will manufacture and assemble parts in orbit. In 2020, Andrew led the successful sale of Made In Space to Redwire Corporation, where he became President & COO. At Redwire, Mr. Rush oversaw the business portfolio, long-term planning, and strategic investments. Under his guidance, Redwire diversified its portfolio across civil, national security, and commercial organizations, including boosting the International Space Station’s power-generating capability with roll-out solar arrays, building more than 40 antennas for a national security customer, and providing state-of-the-art digital engineering solutions for commercial providers. During Andrew’s time as President, Redwire increased annual revenue to $160M with over 700 employees, acquired multiple space technology companies, and went public on the New York Stock Exchange.

Dr. Frank H. Laukien, Copernicus Co-Founder and board chair, stated: “We warmly welcome Andrew to the Copernicus team as our President and CEO. His exceptional expertise and proven track record of fostering growth in the space industry make him the ideal leader to drive Copernicus towards becoming a novel type of space industry leader. With his visionary leadership, track record of growth, and deep understanding of cutting-edge space technologies, Andrew will drive new opportunities for our disruptive and innovative Swarm Exploration platform, products and services.”

Dr. Avi Loeb, Copernicus Co-Founder, Director and Chief Scientific Officer, highlighted the opportunities: “We are delighted to have Andrew lead Copernicus as CEO. His passion for space exploration and his commitment to pushing the boundaries align perfectly with our mission. Andrew will lead Copernicus to advance the frontiers of space technology and drive groundbreaking scientific discoveries and an extraordinary future of multiplex space exploration.”

Mr. Rush currently serves as a member of the NASA Advisory Council on Technology, Innovation & Engineering. Andrew is a member of the Physics Advisory Group at the University of North Florida (UNF), where he has been awarded the Young Alumni Achievement Award. Andrew earned a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from UNF, and a Juris Doctor degree from Stetson University, with focus on intellectual property (IP) law. From 2012-2015, Andrew was a partner at PCT Law Group, with extensive experience and work in space technology IP matters.

About Copernicus Space Corporation

Copernicus Space Corporation (“Copernicus”) is a novel space exploration company with astrophysics, space technology and synthetic biology founders, executives and scientific advisors. Copernicus advances a unique space technology platform strategy for scalable and distributed Swarm Exploration™, breaking away from the traditional paradigms of n=1 probes or rovers, crewed space exploration, or sample-return missions. In its solar systems exploration phase, Copernicus is developing semi-autonomous swarms and networks of hundreds or thousands of miniaturized, intelligent in situ probes in search of extant or extinct microbial life, of scientific discoveries and commercial opportunities on interesting planets, moons and asteroids in our solar system. For its future interstellar phase, Copernicus will deploy millions and eventually billions of hybrid nanotechnology and synthetic biology-based space nanoprobes for exploring and seeding our galaxy to prepare humankind and terrestrial life for a multi-planetary future.