AlphaTrade to Launch ZenoBank

AlphaTrade (OTCBB:APTD) a digital marketing and financial company is announcing the upcoming launch of – this site will feature corporate networking with a view to providing potential investors with access to a wide range of valuable information. The Corporate information pages will contain vital information such as financial statements and will give all companies the ability to manage the content, increase their web exposure and improve communications.

“Not only will the Corporate Information pages provide detailed corporate and financial information, these pages will be augmented with other features such as consumer generated media, rss feeds, daily updates and email alerts. The financial information will be auto-upgraded as information is released to the public. Networking will be encouraged by showing the established associations of public companies with transfer agents, investor and public relations professionals, attorneys, edgarizing companies, seo experts, reputation management companies, investment bankers, brokers, investors and potential shareholders. This site will serve as a vehicle for companies to become more active in their interaction with their public and to expand their reach while individuals will be able to conduct in-depth due diligence to source potential investment opportunities,” said Penny Perfect, CEO of AlphaTrade.

At launch, which is anticipated to be mid – June 2008, the site will be populated with current fundamental and financial information about public companies. All companies will be able to update their own information page to add videos, blogs, forums, rss feeds and other functionality to personalize their page. Our corporate networking site has a definite purpose – more website exposure and greater transparency for all corporate entities. ZenoBank will be a great source of aggregated and new information that may lead to a positive evaluation of the investment potential of companies.

ZenoBank members who are interested in a company will be able to talk directly to the company officials while viewing the latest financial information and see all of the key associates for that company. It will be a networking dream for public companies, for associated businesses, for current shareholders, and for novice investors who need to learn more about all aspects of the financial industry.

The data on company profiles is based on the same information used by Wall Street professionals for their daily trading. All E-Gate members will be given a gold ZenoBank membership which qualifies them for our weekly and monthly cash draws.

About AlphaTrade:

AlphaTrade is a recognized financial services and digital media marketing company specializing in creating networking opportunities to build your brand, sell more products, increase your web traffic and gain more attention for companies. AlphaTrade has developed a unique and innovative approach that connects people and industries in a way that results in a measurable success. Companies seeking to expand their brand and gain exposure benefit from our dynamic marketing program that combines advertising with investor relations. We utilize a variety of digital media tools in combination with our financial products to accomplish the marketing task. Make The Move.