Radiant Logic Reports Growth and Profit for 2009 and Forecasts New Technology Innovations for 2010

Radiant Logic, the market leader for virtual directory solutions, today announced financial results for 2009. The company reported 40% revenue growth in 2009 resulting from new customers, as well as advancements in Radiant’s technology. Radiant’s broad customer base, focused strategic partnerships, as well as continuous product innovations, confirm Radiant Logic’s leadership and strong growth in the identity virtualization market.

With mergers and acquisitions at the highest rate in decades and IT budgets cut more than 20 percent over the last year, enterprises are looking for ways to quickly integrate new systems with existing systems and legacy applications while supporting business-driving modern architectures, such as SOA, SaaS, and the cloud. Radiant capitalized on these trends by growing its customer base, with an increased presence in data-intensive and identity-heavy industries, such as the financial sector and telecommunications.

New customers in 2009 include UBS, AT&T, Marsh, Defense Intelligence Agency, CSC, Association of American Medical Colleges, Unitrin, Commercial Finance Association, and the City of New York. Radiant Logic’s growth also came from existing customers, such as DISA’s Joint Enterprises Directory Services (JEDS) project, which expanded its use of the RadiantOne Identity & Context Virtualization Platform to more than 10 million users. Customers choose Radiant because virtualization enables them to redeploy their identity silos quickly and for less. They deepen their use because only Radiant virtualization scales as data volumes increase and environments become increasingly heterogeneous and distributed.

“Our approach to virtualization is all about flexibility and scalability,” said Michel Prompt, CEO of Radiant Logic. “The most critical element is no longer how identities are stored, but how they’re aggregated, synchronized, and disambiguated — in short, integrating identity first, then delivering it as a directory. This becomes a powerful new way to view directories: as a set of services you could package and deliver, using different protocols as needed — LDAP, of course, but also SQL, as well as newer protocols such as Web services.”

The RadiantOne Identity and Context Virtualization Platform goes beyond the established capabilities of the virtual directory as a proxy, introducing a secure identity and data management layer for the context-driven enterprise. With RadiantOne, organizations can “manage globally and act locally,” by creating a global view of the different forms of identity distributed across data silos, while enforcing security at the local level, as close to the authoritative source as possible.

In 2010, Radiant will extend its leadership role by continuing to innovate, pushing deeper into solving integration challenges and laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s modern architectures, such as user-centric identity, identity-as-a-service, and the cloud. These innovations will expand the use of the Identity and Context Virtualization Platform, further driving the identity integration market towards a flexible infrastructure that will provide a better, richer, and totally secure customer experience with cost-effective and quick-to-deploy solutions.

RadiantOne Products

Virtual Directory Server (VDS) Proxy Edition is a classical virtual directory server for lightweight, super-efficient user-directory integration projects.

Virtual Directory Server (VDS) Context Edition is a full-spectrum solution for complete identity and context integration, scalable for high-volume, high complexity environments.

Identity and Correlation Server (ICS) enables correlation and synchronization of data across disparate identity silos for a unified view of identity data across applications and security domains.

Identity and Context Virtualization Resources

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About Radiant Logic

Radiant Logic, Inc. is the market-leading provider of virtual directory solutions for identity management and enterprise information integration. The RadiantOne Identity and Context Virtualization Platform is being deployed by global enterprises to provide unified, secure access to identity and contextual views built out of heterogeneous applications and data sources. RadiantOne is a key enabler for authentication, authorization, profile, and personalization initiatives.