RadioPilot’s Internet Radio Application and Customers Expected to Add New Features and Revenue to the Modavox Internet Radio Operation

Modavox, Inc. (OTCBB:MDVX), Internet broadcasting pioneer and holder of several patented technologies, announced today announced it has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire Washington-based RadioPilot.

The RadioPilot Internet Radio publication system allows search engines to index rich media more effectively and has other additive capabilities to the Modavox patented BoomBox Radio Platform. RadioPilot optimizes search structure for difficult-to-categorize rich media content by blending a categorical hierarchy at all levels of each and every Internet radio element. It also includes an easy-to-browse media experience that is highly optimized for individual searchers as well as search engines.

The suite of technologies will also provide a series of software widgets enabling new product features for the Modavox Network and Interactive Agency operations. These widgets include: SitePILOT, a development platform allows novice Internet publishers to create feature rich interactive websites, MemberPilot, a self-maintaining community management and tracking utility, SendPilot, a high volume email publication system and community based distribution system, and Referral Pilot, a widget designed to increase traffic through viral referral and content syndication.

Modavox President of Networks, Jeff Spenard stated, “Our content customization capabilities vastly improve RadioPilot’s software products. These new tools will add to our host acquisition and continued service improvement efforts. Assistive content publication capabilities will provide much improved search engine optimization and streamlined host generated content production and audience acquisition strategies.”

“This is a furtherance of our strategy to maximize our revenue production and leadership in Internet Talk Radio. I’m equally pleased about our acquisition of RadioPilot and their private label client base that will bring new revenue opportunities, unique visitors, and advertising for our Network operation. We have and will continue to grow both our Network and Interactive Agency organically. However, acquisitions such as this proposed with RadioPilot are ways we may accelerate our plan and achieve significant gains in revenue and product offerings,” stated David Ide, CEO of Modavox. “Within the size and scale of Modavox, the RadioPilot system and products are more viable and useful when deployed in conjunction with our customized communications solutions.”

About Modavox

Modavox, Inc., the customized communications company, is a pioneer in Internet broadcasting, producing and syndicating online audio and video, offering innovative, effective, and comprehensive online tools for reaching targeted niche communities worldwide. Through patented Modavox technology, Modavox delivers content straight to desktops and Internet-enabled devices. Modavox provides managed access for live and on-demand Internet radio broadcasting, e-learning and rich media advertising. For more information, please visit .

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