Teradata Collaborates with Google Cloud on Enterprise-Scale Trusted AI Offerings that Accelerate Time-to-Value and ROI

Teradata announced that it will offer Teradata VantageCloud Lake on Google Cloud, featuring updates that are designed to leverage the strengths of both Teradata and Google Cloud to deliver Trusted AI with the expertise, scale, and technology that enterprises require. Key components of VantageCloud Lake – the most complete cloud analytics and data platform for AI – are Teradata’s ClearScape Analytics and a connected ecosystem that, for the Google Cloud edition, includes seamless integrations with Google Cloud’s robust AI technologies, Vertex AI platform, and Gemini models. The combination is expected to offer customers a modern data platform that excels in multiple types of AI, from scaling predictive AI initiatives to powering new generative AI use cases.

Despite its promise, many AI projects never make it into production and the ones that do require extensive time and resources. In addition, when AI is deployed across the enterprise, there is a greater risk of losing control and oversight of intellectual property (IP). As a result of these challenges, many organizations face a growing barrier to deriving value from AI and need the right technology and partners to cost-effectively scale AI with security, transparency, and performance.

“Companies in every industry see significant business potential in AI and need modern cloud analytics, as well as a trusted data platform, to begin to realize AI’s benefit,” said Hillary Ashton, Chief Product Officer at Teradata. “Our collaboration with Google Cloud reflects the deep commitment both companies have to helping organizations successfully and responsibly execute their business strategies using AI. VantageCloud Lake with Google Cloud, which comes with ClearScape Analytics and seamless integration of Google Cloud’s AI services, is designed to allow customers to tackle challenges, seize big opportunities, and drive massive value with trusted AI.”

ClearScape Analytics and Vertex AI platforms

ClearScape Analytics – the most powerful engine for deploying end-to-end AI/ML pipelines – and its open API integrates with Google Cloud’s fully-managed, unified AI development platform, Vertex AI, providing the ability to train and predict models against data in VantageCloud Lake. Together, the solutions provide the ability for customers to execute complex analytics and AI/ML on massive data sets and incorporate preferred data science tools. This enables customers to drive profitable growth from their AI/ML investments as they deploy sophisticated models into production faster and with trust.

Generative AI with ClearScape Analytics and Gemini models

Most companies are already experimenting with how generative AI can drive value and business outcomes. Gemini models, Google Cloud’s unique multimodal large language model (LLM), can understand virtually any input: text, audio, images, video, and code. ClearScape Analytics’ open API integrates with the embedding API in Gemini models to store resulting vectors in VantageCloud Lake, providing a highly performant vector store for the LLM to join with production data in VantageCloud Lake. With this joint solution, organizations can power innovative new generative AI use cases and enrich customer experiences.

“Our expanded partnership with Teradata brings the power of Google Cloud’s generative AI to Teradata VantageCloud Lake, empowering our joint customers to unlock new levels of innovation and efficiency,” said Stephen Orban, VP, migrations, ISVs, and Marketplace at Google Cloud. “By seamlessly integrating Google’s cutting-edge AI technologies with Teradata’s data platform, we are enabling businesses to harness the full potential of their data and drive transformative outcomes with trusted AI.”

For example, the Teradata Customer Complaint Analyzer uses Gemini models to provide a richer and more comprehensive view of customer complaints. This joint solution can automatically categorize, analyze, and identify insights from text- and audio-based customer complaints more efficiently than traditional methods, which only analyze text. By analyzing call center audio recordings in addition to text, organizations can better understand customer sentiment, identify trends more accurately, and ultimately develop actionable insights that can improve customer loyalty and drive business value.

This is just one of many use cases that Teradata and Google Cloud support and represents a common need that is an easy starting point for many organizations to build generative AI into their business applications.

VantageCloud Lake on Google Cloud

Underpinning all of this innovation is the extension of Teradata’s cloud-native VantageCloud Lake solution to Google Cloud. With this new offering, organizations can deliver trusted data that’s seamlessly integrated and harmonized across an organization. This provides a reliable, well-governed, and cost-effective foundation to minimize data prep time and accelerate time-to-value for AI initiatives at scale.


Teradata VantageCloud Lake on Google Cloud is now generally available. ClearScape Analytics integration with Vertex AI platform is now generally available, and the solution’s enhancements with Gemini models will be available for private preview in the first half of 2025.

About Teradata

At Teradata, we believe that people thrive when empowered with trusted information. We offer the most complete cloud analytics and data platform for AI. By delivering harmonized data and trusted AI, we enable more confident decision-making, unlock faster innovation, and drive the impactful business results organizations need most.