Leading Digital Publishing Innovator READOZ, Partners With Tribune Company’s RedEye on Pioneering Digital Edition

ReadOz, a leading innovator in digital publishing services, today announced that Tribune Company’s free daily newspaper, RedEye, has partnered with ReadOz to provide daily digital editions on the paper’s website. The digital edition of RedEye went live in March attracting thousands of readers in the span of a few days. RedEye will receive additional exposure on the ReadOz portal, which will go live in the spring of 2008, where scores of other digital periodicals will reside.

The digital edition of RedEye allows readers to view the publication online precisely as is appears in print with a wide range of functional options to enhance the reading experience. In addition to providing readers with page turning and other highly intuitive and easy-to-use functionality such as zooming, magnifying glasses, page repositioning, cutting and pasting, book-marking, search, instant forwarding, and other useful tools, the format allows readers to link directly to advertiser sites and other mediums taking full advantage of digital and internet technologies.

Jonathan Ozeran of Tribune Interactive commented, “RedEye’s readers and advertisers look to it for innovative ways to deliver an editorial and advertising message, so we are pleased to partner with ReadOz on this effort to bring RedEye’s print edition into a new medium while creating value for its customers.”

In addition to the digital edition on the RedEye website, ReadOz is working on platforms which would also allow their readers to access the digital version on their PDA’s, phones and other devices making the publication widely available.

ReadOz Chairman and CEO Alex Shchekin stated, “RedEye absolutely gets it–they understand where digital publishing is going and are an ideal partner with whom we can innovate for the benefit of both readers and advertisers. Imagine not only being able to connect directly to advertiser websites, but to be able to watch product demonstration videos, view their conventional broadcast ads, be put directly in touch with product specialists or a live sales person, receive special offers, purchase products and participate in surveys. We can offer hyper-localization, custom targeting and the medium is also ideal for e-commerce. The possibilities are endless to do more, reduce costs, and transcend traditional barriers. Publishers are very eager to work with us to get to this next level, the big push is on.”

“In addition what can be done in terms of display advertising, the agencies we have consulted with are very interested in our the data and analytic capabilities,” said Jack Kraft, former Vice-Chairman-COO of Leo Burnett and ReadOz board member. “The data on its own has enormous value,” he stressed.

Readers can visit and view the RedEye digital edition at http://www.redeyechicago.com and view product demonstration on the ReadOz website at http://www.readoz.com .

About ReadOz

ReadOz is a leading digital publishing technology and service company providing publishers with the tools and platforms for their digital publications. The company specializes in bringing readers, publishers and advertisers innovative digital delivery of content opening new business opportunities. ReadOz technical staff has kept in step with the nuances in the industry and has adapted to lifestyle changes. In addition to current editions of periodicals, ReadOz is capable of archiving and making available digital back issues which can go back years and decades. The company is also converting to digital format and making available online and downloadable a wide variety of published material such as legal documents, product manuals, catalogs and books.

About RedEye

RedEye is Chicago’s free daily newspaper, providing a concise and authentic take on news, sports, entertainment and social buzz. RedEye, an edition of the Chicago Tribune, has become the leading media choice in Chicago for advertisers wanting to reach young professionals — who are short on time and long on disposable income. For more on RedEye, visit http://www.redeyechicago.com .