Alpha Five Platinum Chosen as Rapid App Development Blade for EnterpriseDB

Alpha Software’s new Alpha Five v9 Platinum has been selected as a rapid Web development Blade by EnterpriseDB, the world’s leading provider of enterprise-class products and services based on the open source PostgreSQL database. Now, EnterpriseDB developers can visually build AJAX-powered Web database applications up to 10 times faster than with low-level libraries and scripting languages alone.

The partnership pairs Alpha Five’s rapid application development (RAD) capabilities with EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus family of databases. Alpha developers can tap EnterpriseDB’s lightning-fast, massively scalable, highly reliable database server, which is designed to support the most demanding high-volume applications. And, EnterpriseDB developers can build mission-critical database systems in record time, giving users rich, vibrant, and responsive experiences through the awesome power of AJAX.

“Packaging Alpha Five Platinum as an EnterpriseDB Blade is a match made in agile developer heaven,” says Richard Rabins, Co-Chairman of Alpha Software. “The enterprise is moving to the Web, and the Alpha Five Platinum Blade can help any business make the cut faster and more cost-effectively than any other tool, bar none. It’s the ideal complement for EnterpriseDB developers, who can now focus on perfecting the complex business logic that drives their global transactional systems–instead of spending time perfecting the low-level plumbing.”

To qualify for the EnterpriseDB Blade Partner Program, Alpha Software met three stringent criteria. Alpha Five Platinum passed accreditation testing to ensure seamless interoperability with Postgres Plus products. A clear and reciprocal customer support processes was established between EnterpriseDB and Alpha Software. And joint marketing strategies, including reciprocal, high-visibility Web presence and executive interview podcasts were established.

“EnterpriseDB Blade Partners offer compelling solutions that are complementary to or integrated with EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus and Postgres Plus Advanced Server products,” says Bob Zurek, chief technology officer, EnterpriseDB. “We are excited about the high quality and enthusiasm of the first companies to become part of the Blade Partner Program, and we think Blade customers will be delighted by the assured product interoperability and solution-based customer support.”


Since 1982, Alpha Software has been providing developers of all experience levels with award-winning tools and technologies that make it easy to rapidly build robust database and business applications. Today, over 1 million developers rely on Alpha Software’s flagship platform, Alpha Five, to build desktop, client-server, distributed, and Web 2.0 applications for organizations of any size–from SOHO to the Fortune 100. Every day, tens of millions of people and businesses rely on applications built in Alpha Five. With the introduction of Alpha Five Version 9 Platinum Edition in 2008, Alpha Software sets new standards for speed of development, portability, reporting, and security for database applications of all stripes. The company is privately held and based in Burlington, Mass. Alpha Software can be found on the Web at .