Introducing Softshare Athena 2.0, the Next Generation of Web EDI Software

Softshare, a provider of e-commerce products and services since 1982, released today Softshare Athena 2.0, the next generation of its popular Web EDI application. As a rich Internet application (RIA), Athena 2.0 provides a Web experience that closely resembles the ease of navigation and functionality found in a traditional desktop application.

In addition to being built upon sleeker technology, Athena 2.0 is just plain sleek. Its capabilities are significantly more robust than Athena 1.0’s and it places no limits on the number of EDI trading partners or EDI documents that can be managed from its interface.

“Previously, Athena was positioned as Softshare’s entry-level product, supporting customers with very low volumes of EDI,” said Robert Fox, director of product development for Softshare. “But with software trends shifting to Internet availability, we built Athena 2.0 from the ground up, taking the best components of our award-winning desktop application, Softshare Vista, and combining them with all the conveniences that Web applications have to offer to accommodate every level of customer.”

Introduced eight years ago as an alternative to traditional EDI software, Softshare Athena has become one of Softshare’s best-selling EDI solutions. Its ease of use and low cost (subscriptions start at just $/EUR 350.00 a year) make it an attractive starting point for companies new to EDI.

About Softshare

Softshare Inc. ( ) and Softshare B.V. ( ) offer a multi-tiered approach to electronic commerce with EDI/XML software solutions that range from Web applications to integrated server applications. Fully compatible with Softshare’s value-added network, our software solutions are reliable and affordable, and our customer support is always accessible. With headquarters in Santa Barbara and Amsterdam, Softshare has more than 4,000 clients using its various e-commerce software and network services. For more information, call 800-346-6703 (U.S.) / 020-6388077 (Netherlands) or e-mail .