Mob4Hire Launches in Beta: Uses Crowdsourcing to Solve Mobile Application Woes

Creating cross-platform mobile applications for consumers with more than 7000 different mobile handsets in their pockets is a daunting task. Today, Mob4Hire will be launching their Beta crowdsourcing platform to solve this exact problem.

Mob4Hire helps mobile developers crowdsource application testing by connecting them with an international community of testers: everyday people and professionals on a variety of handhelds and who are willing to test applications in exchange for incentives – like money.

While in Alpha, Mob4Hire already attracted community members from over 22 countries on 49 carriers who will be testing applications on almost 400 mobile handsets.

“We’re setting out to solve the pains felt by both developers and consumers: applications don’t work seamlessly across multiple platforms on multiple handsets. By connecting developers with a crowd of testers who are incentivized to give quality feedback, we help test apps faster and get better products to market,” says Paul Poutanen, President of Mob4Hire.

How Mob4Hire works:

— Mob4Hire is responsible for building and maintaining a large community of testers, ranked by their quality of participation.

— Developers post Test Applications to the community, specifying desired handset(s) and network(s).

— Testers bid for the work, developers choose testers based on price and/or community ranking.

— Payment is held in escrow by Mob4Hire and released via PayPal when testing is complete. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

About Mob4Hire

Mob4Hire is a crowdsourcing platform and Web community that connects application developers with a crowd of diverse, international application testers using various mobiles, in various countries on various networks and carriers.

Built with the spirit of crowdsourcing at its core, Mob4Hire is the result of an idea submitted to Cambrian House ( ), a crowdsourcing community for business and software ideas. Mob4Hire was built by a crowd of Cambrian House community members led by idea-originator and President of Mob4Hire, Paul Poutanen.