6FigureJobs uses Web2.0 to enhance its free $100,000+ JobSweeper Tool

6FigureJobs.com, a leading career portal for seasoned executives and senior-level professionals that provides positions with compensation over six-figures per annum, announced today that it has been recognized for the third consecutive year with a WEDDLE’S User’s Choice Award. WEDDLE’s is a research, publishing, consulting and training firm dedicated to helping people and organizations maximize their success in recruiting, retention, job search and career self-management.

“6FigureJobs is honored to receive such a prestigious award for the third year in a row.” said Steve Purello, CEO of Workstream. “We thank all of our users, including the executive and senior-level job seekers, as well as the employers and recruiters, for recognizing the value of the service we provide. Year after year, we strive to deliver a free and convenient service to passive and active job seekers and a strong resume database for recruiters. It is exciting to know that our users recognize that we consistently deliver a quality service.”

6FigureJobs also released the latest version of its complimentary JobSweeper tool. JobSweeper is a popular product among 6FigureJobs members because it quickly searches thousands of career sites for jobs paying more than six figures per annum that are relevant to the user’s search criteria. “JobSweeper is a powerful tool that our members are very excited about because it is convenient, time-efficient, and free,” said Paul DiNardo, Sr. Director of Marketing and Product Management at 6FigureJobs. “When a job seeker looks for a $100,000 plus job at 6FigureJobs.com, we not only provide them with the jobs that companies and recruiters post on our site, but we also deliver approximately 80,000 additional $100K+ jobs that are posted on other career sites. If there’s a particular six figure job out there that you are looking for, JobSweeper will help you find it” concluded DiNardo.

Since all jobs returned by JobSweeper are pulled from other career sites, some jobs paying less than $100,000 per annum may come up from time to time. The challenge is that most employers do not disclose salary information in their job postings. However, the JobSweeper search engine uses ONET government classifications to determine likely salaries for these job titles based on geographic location. 6FigureJobs also makes an effort to continuously weed out all sub-$100K jobs so that all JobSweeper searches are as relevant as possible. The new version of JobSweeper even gives the job seeker more control of their search results. Similar to the Web 2.0 functionality that YouTube users enjoy when flagging a movie as inappropriate, a 6FigureJobs user can mark a sub-$100K JobSweeper job as irrelevant. 6FigureJobs’ research team reviews the job and either accepts or dismisses the user’s claim that the job pays under $100K. When the claim is accepted, 6FigureJobs ensures that the job will not appear again in the user’s search results.

About 6FigureJobs.com

6FigureJobs has the largest active and passive recruitment database of executives and senior-level professionals pre-screened for earning $100,000 or more annually on the Internet. The site is unique for its focus on employment opportunities that pay a minimum of $100,000 per annum. Hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies, 7 of the top 10 retained executive search firms and 5 out of 6 of the leading consulting firms subscribe to the service to attract quality candidates from a database of more than 500,000 pre-screened members. The candidates represent all industries, geographical locations and functional backgrounds, with titles ranging from Manager to Director to Vice President to “C-Level” Officer. They have all been reviewed by hand to have a complete profile, a valid resume, and compensation history in excess of $100,000 annually. Members are granted free membership to search and apply for six figure jobs. To learn more visit http://www.6FigureJobs.com .

About Workstream Inc.

Workstream provides on-demand compensation, performance and talent management solutions and services that help companies manage the entire employee lifecycle – from recruitment to retirement. Workstream’s TalentCenter provides a unified view of all Workstream products and services including Recruitment, Performance, Compensation, Development and Transition. Access to TalentCenter is offered on a monthly subscription basis under an on-demand software delivery model to help companies build high performing workforces, while controlling costs. With offices across North America, Workstream services customers including Chevron, Kaiser Permanente and Wells Fargo. For more information, visit http://www.workstreaminc.com , or call (407) 475-5500.

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