Testronic Labs Launches MMOG Performance Test Solution

Testronic Labs has acquired exclusive rights to sell and provide services for the VENUS Blue Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) tool in North America, Europe and Japan.

VENUS Blue is the only performance testing tool capable of emulating a large number of MMOG players, enabling developers and publishers to fast-track testing processes for even the most complex MMOG games. Its powerful load testing architecture allows precise control over any network and MMOG host server. There are no limits to the number of virtual users that can be loaded into the testing tool, thus enabling vigorous performance testing in much shorter times and in a far more manageable way compared to open Beta testing.

“Historically MMOG has proved one of the most challenging areas in which to deliver world-class quality assurance,” comments Neil Goodall, CEO for Testronic Labs. “The number of users and the requirement to accurately measure performance under load, has made this a complex area for game developers. VENUS Blue has real benefits for our customers. It not only offers the most intensive and thorough testing service available for online games, but also provides major cost savings as very little human participation is required. We are delighted to have signed this agreement which reflects our strategy to become market leaders in the provision of MMOG testing worldwide.”

Developed by ETRI, a non-profit Korean government-funded research organization, VENUS Blue has taken years of research and significant investment to bring to market. “With their established track record for providing games, network and software testing expertise to leading games publishers, Testronic Labs is ideally positioned to operate as our VENUS Blue distributor and service provider,” comments ETRI’s Senior Research Engineer, Jesse Kim.

About Testronic Labs

Established in 1998, Testronic Labs is the leading worldwide Quality Assurance provider of choice for the games, digital media and entertainment industry. An international team of games testers provide localization, functionality, PC compatibility, compliance, usability and MMOG performance testing for PCs and all video game consoles.

Based in Burbank CA, Pinewood Studios & central London, Diepenbeek Belgium and Warsaw Poland, Testronic Labs are the only global Quality Assurance company operating across the entire digital media industry.