The New Multimedia Test System Delivers the Most Affordable Option for Testing DVD Players, Set-top Boxes, Smart Phones, Mobile Devices, Computers, and Video Game Consoles

VI Technology today announced the Multimedia Test System offering the fastest path to analog & digital audio and video measurements for multimedia devices. No other system on the market today offers the combination of a full-featured set of measurements, minimal configuration time, low price and cost of ownership, and minimal footprint.

The Multimedia Test System is powered by the latest National Instruments PXI instrumentation technology to provide very precise, accurate, and reliable results. Based on the PXI platform, the test system is very scalable, making it simple to reconfigure for future multimedia devices. Engineers can upgrade the system as new standards are developed because of its software-based modular architecture. Out of the box, users can test for composite, S-Video, HD (component) and HDMI signals including NTSC-M, NTSC-4.43, PAL-M, PAL-N, RGB, and YUV. Audio test capabilities include S/PDIF, PCM, Raw Dolby Digital, and DTS. In addition, the system includes the ability to make power measurements, as well as Ethernet, USB, and modem connectivity.

“We’ve designed the latest test and measurement technology, the best system integration practices, and our 17 years of automated test experience into the Multimedia Test System,” said Richard House, VI Technology’s President. “This is the fastest, most affordable option for testing today’s increasingly complex multimedia devices.”

The system delivers all the measurement hardware and software necessary for testing the most common video and audio signals and digital protocols in multimedia-capable devices. With this system, test engineers configure the sequences that are available out of the box and define the test parameters within which their device should perform – without a need for programming. The test system can efficiently test up to four multimedia devices in parallel maximizing the testing throughput without sacrificing the quality or the speed of the measurements, yielding overall increases in test performance by up to 30X.

Only the Multimedia Test System offers these speed and timing capabilities resulting from the highest level of integration between measurement devices. The test system features a sleek, self-enclosed design that incorporates all the necessary signal routing and connectivity. The system is based on commercial, off-the-shelf technology making this the most affordable and easily maintainable multimedia test system. An added bonus are the built-in test data management and reporting capabilities, enabling engineers and managers across the enterprise to immediately visualize the performance of their test efforts as well as the quality of the devices being tested.

“The Multimedia Test System is a great showcase of VI Technology’s ability to increase their customers’ productivity and product quality by developing a cost-effective automated test solution based on National Instruments hardware and software products. Significantly increasing test throughput in such a small footprint compared to existing platforms enables customers to execute on lower cost test strategies for multimedia-capable devices,” said Michael Schneider, Market Development Manager for National Instruments.

The Multimedia Test System is immediately available from VI Technology and it starts at $32,900.

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