applebrandsource Relaunched as Fresh New Branding Agency; READY366 Headed by New Managing Director Susan Palombo

The brand agency once known as applebrandsource has undergone a complete transformation and today was re-launched as READY366. They’ve chosen to launch because it is quite literally a brand new day — the 366th day of the year. It also represents the ‘new day’ in the consumer and brand landscape — a new day where smart packaging and products that provide greater utility and convenience and are more environmentally-friendly will be true market differentiators.

READY366 was formed to help clients leap forward in this new landscape and succeed through innovation and breakthrough packaging ideas. The agency’s fresh approach and unique team of talent create brands and packaging that are ready from the start — iconic in today’s marketplace and sustainable in the changing environment. READY366 clients include McNeil Consumer Products, Hershey’s, Unilever, Novartis, and Philips Lighting. To experience what makes READY366 different, go to .

Susan Palombo Quote

“The consumer and brand landscape is changing dramatically. Consumers are more savvy, they have a much bigger say, and they want brands that deliver smarter packaging, which means better functionality in how they actually use the product in their lives, more environmentally-friendly, and more consistent with what the brand stands for,” notes Palombo. “We think it’s important for marketers to recognize this ‘new day’, particularly as they look for new avenues to create greater and more authentic brand relevance and differentiation.”

Background: Susan Palombo

Susan Palombo is Managing Director of READY366 and brings 20 years of extensive consumer and corporate branding experience across multiple categories and major brands. Prior to joining READY366, Susan was Director of Brand Strategy at Landor Associates where she led global client branding and packaging initiatives, and as Senior Partner at Ogilvy & Mather running major client advertising businesses. Clients and brands that Susan has partnered with include Kraft, Discovery Channel, MasterCard, Centrum, City of Baltimore, Christian Children’s Fund, Nicorette, Cetaphil, GTE, Pfizer, Novartis, Wyeth and Johnson & Johnson.

About READY366

READY366 is located in New York City and is comprised of a unique roster of talented team members across specialized areas. Focusing on brand and packaging innovation, the team’s expertise includes consumer trends & insights, brand strategy, graphic and industrial design, sustainability and production. READY366 has a fresh approach and believes that big, brilliant, “aha” ideas happen when diverse and progressive minds converge and collaborate to solve a problem. These “aha’s” all revolve around the consumer. To this end, READY366 introduces their Consumer Collaboration Lounge(TM), a web-based forum that connects high value consumers together with their team throughout the entire development process, enabling a more meaningful and dynamic exchange of insights and input. This is just one of many powerful tools implemented in the creation of successful strategies and innovations. For more information, contact Susan Palombo (212-488-5366) or go to .