Aura Allocated $800,000 in the Approved Defense Bill

Aura Systems, Inc. (OTCBB:AUSI) announced today that the approved Defense Bill allocated $800,000 to Aura to develop upgraded electronics to support a 30 kW VIPER system.

This $800,000 is in addition to the $800,000 approved last year for a laboratory demonstration of a new 30 kW VIPER system. With the $1,600,000 approved funds, Aura will demonstrate a 30kW VIPER system integrated into a military vehicle.

Recently the U.S. Army and Aura agreed on a statement of work for the first $800,000 award and the contract is expected to start after the start of the 2010-year. The entire $1.6 million program including both the mechanical and electronic components is expected to be completed during calendar 2010.

Dr. Arthur Schwartz, Aura’s CTO and board member said, “Experience has shown that the VIPER system easily lends itself to back to back stacking in order to provide additional power. We routinely deliver our Tangen system which is two 8.5 kW VIPERS stacked back to back. We have used analytical and computer tools and determined that we could have a 30 kW VIPER as either a single configuration or a Tangen configuration consisting of two 15 kW VIPERs back to back. This program will allow us to actually built and test and integrate into a military vehicle a 30 kW system. In addition, the physics of the AuraGen predicts that at larger power levels, our size, weight and cost advantage over traditional radial technology is even greater than our advantage at the current 8.5 kW level. This program will allow us to demonstrate that advantage.”

Mr. Gagerman, Aura’s CEO said, “We are very excited about this program because we will be able to demonstrate an integrated vehicle power system that no one thought possible until now. It is clear that the military is constantly in need of more power particularly at low engine RPMs. This solution will clearly be a paradigm shift in available power for on board military requirements.”

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