Techfocus Media Introduces IC Design and Verification Journal

Techfocus Media, Inc., the deep-tech authority for news, analysis and information, today announced the introduction of IC Design and Verification Journal ( ). The new, online, weekly technical magazine is dedicated to covering the design and verification of Application Specific ICs (ASICs) and complex system-on-chip (SoC) devices as well as the sophisticated Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools required to bring them to life. IC Design and Verification Journal will provide the industry with technology analyses, in-depth reviews, and essential design information.

Techfocus Media, publisher of Embedded Technology Journal ( ) and FPGA and Structured ASIC Journal ( ) is a deep-technology business-to-business media company providing mission-critical information to its audiences with focused, timely and accurate information.

“Techfocus Media saw that there was a need for a publication such as IC Design and Verification Journal,” said Kevin Morris, president and publisher, Techfocus Media, Inc. “By adding IC Design and Verification Journal we are rounding out our family of Journal publications. Embedded Technology Journal focuses on systems and software design, while FPGA and Structured ASIC Journal focuses on programmable logic design. By adding IC Design and Verification Journal, Techfocus Media now provides IC designers with the critical information that they need — on all aspects of tools, design, and verification.”

Today’s design engineers are tired of the same, tired technical analyses. They need instant access to the design information they need in a format that suits their lives and jobs today. Techfocus Media’s “Journal” publications are known for their rich feature articles with in-depth objective analysis and witty commentary, their mold-breaking, fast-paced webcasts, and their engineering-centric daily news coverage.

“Techfocus Media was the first to recognize the need for moving to new media back in 2003 when we launched our flagship publication FPGA and Programmable Logic Journal — our numbers prove it. In 2007, circulation for that publication grew by 23%. Our second publication Embedded Technology Journal, which was launched in Fall 2005, grew by an astounding 54% in 2007 alone. Based on the performances of our two other publications we are confident that we have the right formula and that IC Design and Verification Journal will shine as well,” said Morris.

About Techfocus Media, Inc.

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