Allegro Multimedia Inc. dba Music Wizard Group to Exhibit at Pepcom Digital Experience and CES 2008

Allegro Multimedia Inc. dba Music Wizard Group(TM), a leading provider of music gaming software and musical education tools, released a revolutionary Music Wizard Academy(TM) product line to enhance the Piano Wizard(R). Piano Wizard(R) features a unique patented 4-step learning method that allows anyone to read and play music; the Music Wizard Academy(TM) adds the fifth and final step of taking the game player to a real piano. The DVD lessons and accompanying sheet music are designed as a complement to the curriculum based songs included in the EASY MODE version of Piano Wizard(R). Now there is a program that guides parents and teachers on how to coach their child into potentially becoming the next Beethoven. Trade show attendees can view the new academy product line by stopping by the Music Wizard Group’s CES booth, # 25608.

Music Wizard provides a simple and non-violent, gaming solution that “cracks the musical code” of reading notation and delivers on the promise of real musicianship for everyone. Music Wizard Group seeks to improve the quality of life by empowering more people with the gift of playing music and by promoting music as something to be shared and enjoyed together.

Music Wizard welcomes everyone to experience the joy, self-expression and liberation naturally gained through a relationship with playing music. Backed by award-winning software, university produced Music Wizard Academy tutorials for parents and teachers, a proven song-based curriculum and a never-ending supply of musical content, the means are now available to unlock and ignite the creative musical genius inherent in all.

Music Wizard Group believes that the language of music is a birthright, something that anyone can learn and enjoy at any age, regardless of experience. The company’s core mission is to help bring about universal music literacy.

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