® Set to Launch Group Purchasing Technology for Homeowners Seeking Home Improvement Deals

BIDMYCRIB, LLC announced today they are launching a new, group purchasing module on their website®, early April 2010, allowing homeowners to purchase remodeling and maintenance packages at a tremendous discount from their pre-screened contractor network. The company’s contractor network positively responded to a request to provide better pricing, so they are able to present homeowners with incredible pricing for remodeling and maintenance projects. “Contractors are more flexible with pricing if they receive a bundle of 50 projects with no up-front risk, or costs. I believe our Daily Deals will put smiles on the faces of homeowners once they see how we can help them save a lot of money using the purchasing power of many,” stated, Morgan Jones, CEO.

The proprietary technology sets a minimum quota of deals needing to be purchased before a buyer actually becomes eligible and charged for the discounted deal, which encourages visitors of the website to immediately use social media outlets, email, and word-of-mouth to encourage their friends and family members to buy a deal. Once the quota is met, everyone who previously purchased the deal will be charged, along with any other person who purchases the deal after the minimum quota is met, or exceeded. However, if a deal’s minimum purchased quota is not met and the deal expires, nobody gets the deal and their credit card is never charged. “We have the ability to launch thousands of custom deals to any city in the United States, Europe, and Canada,” concluded Jones.® is an industry leader of online, project work order and bidding systems for people and businesses seeking skilled-trade services from contractors. Our corporate office is located in Liberty Township, Ohio. They are incorporated in Ohio as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC).