iCiX Keeps Supply Chains Running with AlertSite’s Monitoring and Measurement

Any logistics manager knows accurate information is essential to successful supply chain execution. And for information to be accurate, it must be timely. iCiX is ensuring the utmost accuracy and timeliness by monitoring the performance of its supply chain management application with AlertSite®. AlertSite gives iCiX a real-time view of its application’s performance from the customer’s perspective, and helps them deliver 99.9 percent uptime to its customers. AlertSite enables iCiX to pinpoint and understand performance issues, keeping supply chain managers informed and in command.“AlertSite lets me know our systems are running efficiently and our customers are able to use our application properly, and that helps me sleep at night,” says Martin Miller, Web Operations Director of iCiX.

“Before using AlertSite, we had very little knowledge about our application’s performance, and minimal insight into areas that needed optimization. We couldn’t tell whether problems were isolated to a local data center, part of a larger Internet issue, or emanating from somewhere else. Now with AlertSite’s technology, we never have to guess, waste time, lose money, or anger customers when tracking down problems. It tells us exactly when, where, why, and how a glitch or bottleneck is developing, so we can take immediate action.”

The iCiX application is an online collaboration platform that helps global enterprises manage their risk, compliance, and standards. They can securely store and share business-critical documentation with their supply chain partners, such as audits, product specifications, and product recall procedures. iCiX uses AlertSite’s Déj Click™ to capture the true user experience, including the performance of pages, links, objects, rich-media components such as Flash, and more. With Déj Click, iCiX records customers’ simulated click streams, from uploading to downloading documents, and ensures the process performs optimally.

Metrics are gathered by data stations in AlertSite’s Global Monitoring Network. iCiX has set up AlertSite to monitor from three of AlertSite’s 50+ stations—Chicago, Houston, and Seattle—every five minutes. If response times fall below iCiX’s set threshold, AlertSite immediately notifies iCiX by its preferred method, SMS message. AlertSite can also notify customers of these alerts by e-mail, telephone call, mobile phone call, pager, or desktop monitoring.

iCiX is also using AlertSite’s Security Vulnerability Scan to mitigate security risks that could endanger the operation of its application. AlertSite’s application-level security scan identifies vulnerabilities in real-time and provides recommendations on how to resolve them.

“With increased government regulations, managing risk and compliance across the supply chain is more challenging than ever,” says Ken Gross, President and CEO of AlertSite. “With AlertSite now monitoring the performance of iCiX’s application, the company can be confident it’s providing its global enterprise customers with the accountability and quality assurance required to effectively manage their risk, compliance, and standards.”

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