Introducing Latitude 30’s Wireless Matrix(TM) and Social Media Xperience(TM) with WGC’s We Jay

Latitude 30 (Latitude 30 LLP), today announced its joint venture with Wireless Grids Corporation (WGC) in creating the world’s first wireless grid-enabled entertainment and dining facility. Latitude 30, a Brownstone Group company, will be integrating a wireless matrix that will interact with its customers’ mobile phones, smart phones, PDA’s, digital cameras, laptop computers, or any electronic device that has wireless functionality. As people enter Latitude 30, they will have the opportunity to join the Wireless Matrix(TM) and take part of the Social Media Xperience(TM). Once a person joins the Wireless Matrix(TM) he or she will have specialized access to Latitude 30’s multiple dining and entertainment venues such as: VIP access to live events, preferred seating in the restaurant, special pricing on food, drinks, bowling, and the dinner cinema. They will also have the ability to interact with others that are part of the matrix.

The first installment to Wireless Matrix(TM) will be We Jay(TM), a music-based application that allows users to discover new music, create playlists, text-based messaging, and create music channels as if they are the DJ. We Jay(TM) will also have familiar capabilities that are found in other social networks such as Facebook(TM) and MySpace(TM). We Jay(TM) will have an initial implementation that is expected to be released to approximately 2.5 million users.

“Latitude 30’s ability to interact with its clients dynamically through the Wireless Matrix(TM) is an extremely valuable tool not only by enhancing our clientele’s overall experience and exceeding their expectations but also allows us to create additional revenue channels by way of third-party advertisers, gathering valuable demographic data, and the discovery of new trends,” says Brent Brown, Managing Partner of Latitude 30.

“We are very excited to join forces with Latitude 30 in creating the world’s first Wireless Grid enabled facility and extended social community or matrix through multi-faceted social networking. The potential for expanded revenue is virtually limitless through these unique marketing tools that allow exponential expansion of the user base through social networking. Given the popular or ‘viral nature’ of the solution and partnership, the revenue share arrangement holds significant potential for both companies,” says John Andrews, CEO of WGC.

About Wireless Grids Corporation (WGC)

Wireless Grids Corporation (WGC) is a Delaware Corporation originally formed in Syracuse, NY in 2004 to develop and produce a revolutionary software solution that would transform computer networking, allowing devices the ability to seamlessly interact with little to zero configuration. WGC has been a pioneer in the large media viewer-created content arena and has succeeded in building relationships throughout media, mobile phone carriers and cable operators. WGC, recognized as one of the ’09 Wireless Companies to Watch’ (Network World, 8/2008), was spun out of Syracuse University in 2004. WGC takes the complexity out of home or enterprise networking by liberating hardware, software, content and applications from technology silos and putting power and freedom into the hands of end-users.

About Latitude 30(TM)

Latitude 30(TM) is a 50,000 square-foot entertainment venue located in Jacksonville, FL. A place where guests can enjoy state-of-the art boutique bowling, sumptuous dining in our digital cinema, cutting-edge arcade and billiards, sports bar or “sports book” like venue, Las Vegas-style showroom theatre, and elegant restaurant. Parent company Brownstone Group is expanding into multiple markets including Nashville and Pittsburg as the next two Latitude locations.