Vizibility Registers 1,000 New Accounts in Its First 90 Days

Vizibility Inc. ( announced today that it has surpassed 1,000 new accounts in its first 90 days since launching in January.

The first 1,000 customers of Vizibility’s personal branding tool cover a diverse range of uses. Job-seeking career professionals, freelancers, executive recruiters, businesses of all sizes and special interest groups are all using Vizibility to stand out in Google and manage their search results for their personal and corporate brands.

“I thought my name was unique until I ‘Googled’ myself years ago. Even by typing in my first, middle, and last names, I realized that people searching for me online are led to results weighted down with links to people other than me,” recalls Vizibility customer Barbara Findlay Schenck ( “Finally with Vizibility the problem is solved with one easy click. Vizibility lets me customize my name search by combining my full name with my business name. The result: Pages of results that are all relevant, and all accessible by simply clicking the SearchMe button on my LinkedIn page, Website, Facebook business page, and other sites. Thank you!”

Vizibility customer Dale Emel ( also found the service helpful in solving an ongoing problem. “For years I was plagued by another blogger with my name that continually showed up as the first search result when someone ‘Googled’ me. I worked with professional branding and SEO companies to resolve the issue and I even contacted the other blog owner but to no avail. Vizibility allowed me to create a custom search excluding the other blog from the results, substantially improving my professional brand and online search results.”

Vizibility customers are also using the service to validate their own credentials for potential clients. Says Vizibility customer Larry Zimbler (, “I find my Vizibility SearchMe link provides a simple way for potential clients to learn more about me. Having the power of Google behind this tool makes me and my clients feel that the searches are accurate and credible. Viva Vizibility!”

The Vizibility service is even helping users increase sales. Arabic language instructor Eyad Khlaifat ( said, “Vizibility helped me with getting found in Google. I teach Arabic language and I post on Craigslist. Now when people search my name it is easier to identify me, helping me get more new students.”

“Googling” is now standard practice for professional and personal reasons. Vizibility makes it easy to create and share the optimal Google search anywhere you have to be visible.

About Vizibility Inc.

Vizibility Inc. (, headquartered in New York, delivers the first SearchMe™ Button for Google which instantly returns the search results people want to see first. Vizibility is in beta release and presently supports Google searches. Other search engines will be added soon. Vizibility, PreSearch and SearchMe are trademarks of Vizibility Inc.