Cost Effective Technologies and Active Business Network Integrate Cloud Computing Tools

Cost Effective Technologies (CET), a subsidiary of Nelnet, and Active Business Network, LLC (ABN) today announced the integration of ABN’s innovative subscription-based electronic procurement service into CET’s industry-leading cloud computing platform. CET is the nation’s premier provider of flexible, customizable and affordable computing solutions built specifically for small and mid-sized organizations. The addition of ABN’s product provides another rich feature that organizations can take advantage of.

“The computing platforms of the future are all being built in the cloud, and CET is the undisputed thought leader in this space,” said Devin McKinney, Vice President of Marketing of ABN. “Through their vision and technology, it is now possible to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing without the challenging, lengthy and expensive setup requirements inherent in other offerings that lack CET’s comprehensive one-stop solution. Better than any other IT services provider, they understand that organizations need the right tools for the right jobs. They’ve built the ultimate IT tool shed.”

The CET platform helps clients get the most out of their technology by providing enterprise-level IT support services for existing networks and by building private, secure and affordable web-based computing platforms that are stocked with a comprehensive suite of business applications that are accessed over the Internet.

The ABN XPress Suite for Procurement is an innovative and affordable software service that reduces the cost of processing invoices and purchase orders by as much as 90%, and provides granular control and data mining capabilities to any organization’s procurement process. Instead of the “black box” complexity of other solutions, the ABN XPress Suite offers a familiar Web 2.0 interface where users can easily view and manage all of their transactions in real-time.

“CET’s mission is to set the new standard for innovative technology services that truly enable our customers to be more profitable, productive, effective and successful,” said Hannah Smitterberg, co-founder of CET. “In order for us to do that, we built our portal technology, which is like a technology tool box. The ABN XPress Suite for Procurement is a fantastic new service that will help organizations gain better insight into their receivables and payables. Not only will it reduce the cost of processing, but it will also help our clients turn their revenue cycles faster. Whether for-profit or non-profit, public sector or private sector, this tool makes sense for any organization to use.”

About ABN

Active Business Network is improving the way companies communicate. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, they offer a SaaS-based procurement solution that automates, centralizes and simplifies the transmission of purchase orders, bills, invoices and other traditional paper-based documents, saving businesses time, money and effort. Unlike expensive, cumbersome procurement management systems created for large companies, ABN’s Xpress Suite™ has been specifically designed for small to medium-sized businesses, which have been routinely forced to live with the errors and inefficiencies inherent in paper-based systems. From the front desk to the corner office, ABN’s service is approachable and useable both by managers seeking insight into their processes, and by staff members who’ve been overwhelmed by reams of paper they’ve had to use, manage and store. Thanks to ABN, small businesses can now enjoy big company efficiency, without the big company expense. For more information, visit