Compunetix VoIP Solution Powers KPN

Compunetix, Inc. is pleased to announce that KPN has added VoIP to its CONTEX Summit-based public service conferencing offer. KPN uses CONTEX Summit collaboration media processors with both VoIP and PSTN calls on the same system without the use of external gateways. Voice calls maintain the reliability and quality of service that has become a benchmark in the industry, regardless of whether a call is VoIP or ISDN. The Compunetix VoIP solution easily passed the rigorous certification testing with the Ericsson VoIP Connect SIP trunking interface — a testament to Summit interoperability and versatility. The VoIP launch marks a significant milestone for KPN as they expand their service offering and more efficiently manage operations. KPN uses Compunetix CONTEX Summits for reservationless and event conferencing services.

“We are very satisfied with the Summit VoIP/ISDN solution,” notes Product Manager of Conferencing for KPN, Mr. Rudo Wijbrands. “It is reliable, high quality, scalable, and provides best-of-class service. Compunetix is an agile organization and provides us with innovative next-generation technology backed by excellent development and outstanding customer support teams.”

Ms. Monica Coraluppi, Compunetix Director of Business Development, EMEA, states, “We are honored to have been selected by KPN. They have ambitious plans for the future and they are on the verge of unprecedented conferencing growth and expansion. We are proud to be their partner.”

About KPN

KPN is the leading telecommunications and ICT service provider in the Netherlands, offering wireline and wireless telephony, internet and TV to consumers and end-to-end telecom and ICT services to business customers. KPN’s subsidiary Getronics operates a global ICT services company with a market leading position in the Benelux, offering end-to-end solutions in infrastructure and network-related IT. In Germany and Belgium, KPN pursues a Challenger strategy in its wireless operations and holds number three market positions through E-Plus and BASE. In Spain and France, KPN offers wireless services as an MVNO through its own brands and trough partner brands. KPN provides wholesale network services to third parties and operates an efficient IP-based infrastructure with global scale in international wholesale through iBasis.

At December 31st, 2009, KPN served over 41.2 million customers, of which 32.9 million were in wireless services, 4.7 million in wireline voice, 2.6 million in broadband Internet and 1 million in TV. With 20,755 FTEs in the Netherlands (33,148 FTEs for the whole group), KPN reported full-year revenues of EUR 13.5bn and an EBITDA of EUR 5.2bn in 2009. KPN was incorporated in 1989 and is listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

About Compunetix, Inc.

Compunetix is the leading manufacturer of multipoint collaboration equipment and Web collaboration software in the world. With well over 500,000 ports installed in more than 28 countries, the company has the industry’s largest worldwide deployment of digital teleconferencing systems. Dedicated to customer-focused and innovative technology, Compunetix engineers and manufactures all aspects of its conferencing equipment, ensuring its customers that their media processors are the highest quality, most reliable and most flexible solutions available. For more information call Robert Haley at (800) 879-4266 or (412) 373-8110, or visit the Compunetix website at