ActiveVideo Networks Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Verizon

ActiveVideo Networks™ today announced that it has filed suit against Verizon Communications Inc., Verizon Services Corp., Verizon Virginia, Inc., and Verizon South Inc. in the Eastern District of Virginia.

The lawsuit states that the Verizon FIOS system infringes on five patents for technology created, owned and used by ActiveVideo Networks, including:

  • United States Patent No. 6,034,678, titled “Cable Television System With Remote Interactive Processor;”
  • United States Patent No. 5,550,578, titled “Interactive And Conventional Television Information System;”
  • United States Patent No. 6,100,883, titled “Home Interface Controller for Providing Interactive Cable Television;”
  • United States Patent No. 5,526,034, titled “Interactive Home Information System with Signal Assignment;” and
  • United States Patent No. 6,205,582, titled “Interactive Cable Television System With Frame Server.”

“Since its inception, ActiveVideo Networks has pioneered the development of technologies for interactive television such as Video On Demand and Web content on television,” said Jeff Miller, Chief Executive Officer of ActiveVideo Networks. “ActiveVideo Networks, its employees and its investors have expended significant amounts of time and money developing these proprietary technologies and successfully deploying them at numerous locations. ActiveVideo Networks respects the intellectual property rights of others and has no choice but to insist that Verizon do the same.”

Currently serving approximately 5 million homes, the ActiveVideo® CloudTV™ platform immerses viewers in an interactive TV experience that combines Web video, Web 2.0 functionality, on-demand and traditional television. With ActiveVideo, viewers can enter an intelligent TV environment of linear, on-demand and broadband programming, including rich interfaces, remote control navigation; games, social networking; personal media; niche content; and targeted, actionable advertising.

ActiveVideo Networks is a privately held company.

About ActiveVideo Networks

ActiveVideo Networks is the world leader in cloud-based interactive services that are redefining television (iTV 2.0). The company’s network-centric approach simply and inexpensively enables expanded programming, navigation and advertising possibilities, allowing viewers to define and share their TV experiences. ActiveVideo combines Web-based media and targeted, clickable advertisements with the high-quality video, immediate responsiveness and remote control navigation of television for uniform interactivity across all digital and IPTV set-tops, CI+ enabled televisions, and broadband-connected CE devices. ActiveVideo Networks is based in the heart of Silicon Valley, with offices in Los Angeles, Baltimore and Hilversum, the Netherlands. For more information, visit