eVoter Minnesota Launches With Start of Absentee Ballot Filing

eVoter (www.eVoter.com), the first online destination where candidates, voters and endorsing organizations connect, launched its Minnesota Primary Election site today at http://minnesota.evoter.com

eVoter.com (www.eVoter.com) is now Minnesota’s only non-partisan election website that enables voters to generate an interactive sample ballot, view candidate profiles and organizational endorsements and then print off their selections. With polling place locations and other features, eVoter.com is a comprehensive online resource for Minnesota’s voters. Candidates can connect with these motivated voters by purchasing a customizable online profile and endorsing organizations can widely publicize their candidate endorsements on eVoter.

eVoter made its debut in the 2010 Illinois and California primary elections earlier this year. According to Adam Kravitz, CEO of Political Technologies, the company behind eVoter.com (www.eVoter.com), between 5%-8.5% primary voters visited the site in those states, helping candidates and organizations that sign-up for eVoter profiles communicate with hundreds of thousands of people who actually vote and are looking for information.

“Today is the day that people can start filing their absentee ballots. As candidates and organizations start posting their information, eVoter will become an important tool for all voters, whether they are voting absentee or looking for their polling place on election day,” said Philip Muller, President of Political Technologies.

The site (located at http://minnesota.eVoter.com) includes complete ballot information for every federal, state and local race, including local ballot measures, in the August 10, 2010 Minnesota primary election. For candidates and organizations, a minimal registration fee provides access to a streamlined platform of tools for communicating with motivated voters. The service is completely free for voters.

Although top-ballot candidates get the benefit of additional online exposure to motivated voters, it’s the down-ballot candidates that reap the largest return on their small investment with eVoter.

eVoter expects to build on its success in Illinois, California and Minnesota, but in a half-dozen states by the 2010 General Election and all 50 states by 2012.

For more information or to create an eVoter profile, visit www.eVoter.com, or call (866) 976-0555.