Baytech Web Design Achieves Search Engine Success for MTD MicroMolding

Getting to the top of Google for a commonly searched keyword that applies directly to your company is a rare victory for web companies. Achieving these results in less than a year and effectively managing your SEO budget is almost unheard of. Baytech Web Design, a San Jose based web-development company, in partnership with MTD MicroMolding, achieved these goals to rank MTD MicroMolding’s website on the first page of Google after just two months.

As a result of the search engine optimization efforts (SEO), MTD MicroMolding increased client conversions by 20% and maximized their ROI. As bounce rates decreased, MTD was able to convert more leads in its current month than in the previous three months.

“Our proven SEO strategies propelled MTD Micromolding to the top rankings for their targeted keywords,” said Amanda Hsueh, lead marketing manager. “This is quite an achievement and I’m proud the Baytech team produced these great results.”

Baytech’s Web Design’s search optimization team created a comprehensive strategy for MTD MicroMolding. It strategically combined keyword research, Meta-tag writing, website structure optimization and inbound linking. As a result, MTD MicroMolding’s website reached a page rank of three, one of the most important factors that Google’s algorithm looks at when determining website placement.

“Page rank is vital to a website’s success on Google,” said SEO specialist Roman Titerman. “With a page rank lower than three, a company can’t achieve high rank rankings on Google.”

Baytech is not just limiting their service to the web. They just launched a new mobile web development service to help companies gain awareness through the mobile web. In order to find more information about this service or other offered web solutions, visit or call 1-866-913-WEBS(9327).

About Baytech Web Design

Baytech Web Design is a global award winning, full-service web development and internet marketing firm. Rated number one web development firm of 2008 by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Baytech offers a full range of web services from entrepreneurs to enterprise level clients. Since its founding in 2001, the company developed over 600 websites, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the non-profit sector. In addition to web development, Baytech’s specialists have created strategies for many successful internet marketing campaigns and social media solutions.