New ETF Data Website Launches, Designed to Arm Retail Investors with More Actionable Information on Growing Investment Sector

BNK Invest, Inc. today announced the launch of its new exchange traded fund (ETF) research website called The site, aimed at retail investors trying to maximize the opportunities in ETFs, includes a number of ground-breaking features that allow investors to dig deeper into ETFs than ever before. Where once investors spent countless hours visiting multiple websites to find information about individual funds, will now act as a one-stop source for aggregated data on more than 800 ETFs. Visitors will have ready access to timely fund pricing and updates of key metrics.

“Over the last several years, investor interest in ETFs has grown exponentially with no signs of abating – but the information on ETF websites just wasn’t able to keep pace with the demand,” says Adam Menzel, COO of BNK Invest, Inc. “Our research found that no ETF website available prior to was capable of serving as a comprehensive data and research source for investors. With we are filling that void, providing retail investors, along with small and large financial advisers, access to the types of data and tools that larger hedge funds and institutional players leverage to their advantage each and every day.”

An ETF look-up on the site will provide investors with information about the fund’s net asset value, Average Broker Ratings, in-depth fund holdings, sector and country concentrations, as well as a current quote for the fund.

What differentiates’s content from other sites is the expansive scope of the data. With in-depth insight into each fund, investors will benefit from stronger research and a better understanding about the ETFs that comprise their portfolio.

Another unique feature found only on is the ETF Finder. This tool allows investors to identify ETFs that hold certain stocks, as inputted by the user. For example, an investor looking to buy into a fund that holds stock in top consumer electronics companies can enter the symbols of several individual companies into the ETF Finder and discover unique ETFs that hold their desired stocks.

“We have put more than six months worth of development time into this site, creating unique fund screens and building a comprehensive ETF Finder, which offers search capabilities unlike any other on the web today,” said Menzel.

The site also analyzes trends in the ETF data to create Top Lists to help users. Two of the more notable Top Lists on the site include the Most Heavily Shorted ETFs with data from and the Top Ranked ETFs by Average Broker Rating with data from Zacks Investment Research. But the most interesting Top List of all may be the “Unloved ETFs” List. “Unloved ETFs” are those ETFs with at least six months of trading history, with the lowest total dollar amount traded in the last 20 trading sessions. Historically certain ETFs have been shut down due to low investor interest.

“We’ve worked hard over the last six months setting up partnerships with data vendors and compiling data from a majority of the active ETFs on the market,” said Menzel. “With our site’s beta testing completed just last week, we are excited to officially launch to investors around the globe.”

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